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Using mini cupcakes and a few basic ingredients, you can change this 2 flower arrangement into a full bouquet in assorted colours and sizes – a really versatile cake thats easy to serve, fantastic for so many occasions! My easiest pull-apart cake yet!

Link to my Buttercream frosting recipe:

Tools & Equipment:
Piping bag
Round piping tip (I used a Loyal #17, which means it has a 17mm or 3/4″ opening)
Zip lock bag (or smaller piping tip and piping bag)
Toothpick (cocktail stick)

Green Twizzlers (or green fruit chews – kind of look like musk sticks if you’re in Australia)
Spearmint leaf lollies (candies)
Marshmallows (I used pascal)
Buttercream frosting tinted 2 shades of pink, one lighter and one darker (link to recipe below)
10 mini cupcakes (you will need 5 per flower, so use as many as you’d like)
Cake board – I usually ice mine (link to tutorial below) to give them colour, but for this tutorial I used a wooden placemat i got on special – it was 0.99c and cheaper than a cake board, with a beautiful pattern!

Useful Links:
Link to Buttercream Frosting:
Link to How to Ice a Cake Board:

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