Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes Recipe - Cupcake Tins !

Molten Chocolate lava cakes recipe ! – with a twist ! – I’m using cupcake tins today !

I’ve had many requests about using a different way to bake these,
rather than using the ceramic ramekin molds as you have seen me use in a different video recipe.

So… today I’m showing you how easy it it to make these using a regular muffin / cupcake tin !

These molten chocolate cakes are easy, fun, and simply delicious !

NOTE: This recipe will yield approx 9 chocolate lava cakes.

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Baking For Beginners - How to Line A Square Tin

Lift out those gooey brownies to get neat squares!
Prevent your cake from sticking to the pan using baking parchment, grease and flour.

Or use baking spray instead. Neat cakes, easy clean-up!

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