Are you ready to take your decorating skills to the next level? Make it easy when you choose the right icing tip. Find everything you need to complement your delicious delicacies at Michaels:

(0:21) The round tip is the simplest icing tip. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be used to create a many different patterns. To create a simple dot, hold your icing bag straight up and apply a steady amount of pressure while squeezing out your icing. When your dot has been fully piped you can stop applying pressure and pull up and to the side in a quick motion. Swirling slightly will help eliminate any tip.

(0:28) Creating stars with the star tip uses the same principles as the round tip. Just make sure to quickly pull straight up when you have a complete star so you can avoid any jagged edges.

(0:37) With the petal tip you can create an elegant ruffle to edge a cake or top a cupcake. Hold your icing bag at a 45 degree angle with the wide end of the tip touching your dessert and the narrow end facing towards you. Move your wrist in a short, wavy pattern to create an eye-catching ruffle.

(0:43) Leaf tips are flat like a petal tip but have a small notch in the center. This gives the leaf tip a vein in the center to look like… a leaf! To create a simple leaf, hold your icing bag at a 45 degree angle and prepare to pull it in any direction you would like the tip to face. Squeeze harder at the beginning to form the base of the leaf then lessen pressure as you pull to the side and up.

(0:49) Drop flowers are created in the same way you pipe a round tip or star tip design. Simply hold the bag vertically and pull up and away quickly after completing your flower.

(0:59) With the basket weave tip, you can create complex weave designs that will really wow a crowd. Start by creating a vertical stripe from top to bottom. Place short horizontal stripes evenly down the vertical strip making sure to leave a tip’s worth of empty space between them. Squeeze another vertical stripe at the end of your row of horizontal stripes. In the empty spaces, create a series of horizontal stripes by first burying your tip under a vertical stripe, then spanning over another before ending it at a third vertical stripe. Repeat as necessary.

(1:14) A multi-opening tip is best used for flower centers, fur, or grass designs. There are a variety of ways to pipe the multi-opening tip, depending on the look you are going for. Treat it like a round tip for short dots or pull it at an angle to create long hair and fur.

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