Cottage Food Operator permits allow cake decorators (or anyone in the food industry) to bake and sell their items from their home. Most of the states have approved this law and in this video I walk you through the application process! I have cottage food permit B and have been licensed for 3 years now.

It’s difficult to know where to start with a home business! In Part 1 I walked you through applying for a fictitious business name, and now in Part 2 I walk you through the cottage food operator application!

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16 Responses to How To Register A Cake Business As A Cottage Food Operator In Los Angeles: Business Basics

  • TeaPips says:

    Great video! Thanks!

  • T Leonard says:

    Great info!!

  • Tiffany S says:

    Hi thank you so much for this helpful video! I am going to be applying for my cottage food business soon in LA county. I had a question about the approved foods list. I contacted the local health department, but they said they were unable give me answers other than what was on the list. So I wanted to know if ganache, fresh fruit, royal icing and baked dog treats can be sold? I know that ganache and fresh fruit are only shelf stable for a few days, but have seen them being sold as part of the cake. So I'm assuming these are fine to sell? Thanks in advance!

  • CkhromeDome Entertainment says:

    thank you for this video, I'm based in pasadena and have been trying to start a baking business and this has been very very helpful! thank you!

  • MrsKsKitchen22 says:

    Very informative video. I went to a workshop a few years ago in Fullerton to learn about CFO.. I was wondering if the Health Department comes prior to approval or after for a Class A. And also if they reinspect annually as well for Class A?

  • TicTac72 says:

    Hi Shantal! First thank you so much for the much needed info, greatly appreciated!….for the labels you have a permit number, where do I obtain it from? I have my food handlers card, is that the number you are referring too? Thanks a bunch 🤓

  • Faten Madanat says:

    I know, I'm a year late to this! I've been delaying starting my baking business because the business part seems so daunting to me. But the cottage food law sounds a little less complicated than going into a full-fledged business right away. I'd like to apply for the Class B, I always maintain a clean kitchen but I live in my aunts house and she is a semi-hoarder. Basically every kitchen cabinet is filled with stacks of plates, cups and serving dishes. What are things i need to look out for, for when the health dept comes in for the inspection?
    Also, since the labels say "made in a home kitchen" do you feel that ever scares away customers?

    Thank you for this informative video!

  • Paulene Meyer says:

    Thank you for this helpful video. I live in Nevada county and i am required to put the weight on every label. I guess they are saying just the ingredients. What is the easiest way to figure that out? Thank you

  • PinkGlamGirl says:

    Hi again Shakar!!! Getting ready to submit my application and have a quick question…what is the permit # we're suppose to put on label? Is it the # that the County Registrar office gives you when you register your fictitious name? Thanks!

  • Stacheman_dan says:

    Hello, your video was very helpful. I do have a question about the label. I notice with your info there was no home address. I was under the impression that it had to be part of the labeling process?

  • Jackie Wilson says:

    i am now thanks!

  • Jackie Wilson says:

    were you required to get a business license fictitious name apply through the taxation dept ant get a state business license and insurance they make it sound so easy but its not and everything cost money to do please help

  • Joe Sullivan says:

    Hello and thank you for the awesome information!!! what is your advice on tax ID numbers? I was told that since my business is still small that I don't really just need one. however there are some vendors that will not sell to you with out that number.

  • Paulene Meyer says:

    Shakar Bakery
    Thank you very much for your helpful video. I am just getting started and some things are very confusing. If i use a box cake do i have to put all the ingredients from the box on my label? Am i allowed to use milk or butter?

  • PinkGlamGirl says:

    Hi Shakar! Thank you so much for creating this video. It's so helpful! I have a few questions: Can you operate while waiting for your license? If making cakes, how do you create labels if there are so many variations on tier flavors for each order? Hope that makes sense 🙂 Thank you again and look forward in hearing from you.

  • Teli Karlova says:

    Hi "Shaqar Bakery", I submitted my application and sent the check for my Class B license  about 3  weeks ago and they did not cash my check yet and I got no response from them. I am a little worried…is it normal that they  do not cash my check? should I be worried? Thank you

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