How To Make Easy Buttercream Rosettes : Cake Decorating For Beginners

In this video I make buttercream rosettes easy for you to try at home or in your kitchen! All you need is a cake, a piping bag filled with buttercream, and a 1M piping tip! You can color your buttercream to create an ombre effect like I did, or keep everything in one color!

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10 Responses to How To Make Easy Buttercream Rosettes : Cake Decorating For Beginners

  • patty 5 says:

    Thats exactly what i want to make for my mum, how much icing did you need for all that? I have a recipe for 250g butter and 600g sugar, would that be enough?

  • Katherine Canon says:

    i noticed had gap when did edge of cake is there way to do so without showing any? Do you make it at more of an angle to hide it?

  • pamela furtunato says:


  • Kiri1441 says:

    Does anyone know if the 1M piping tip is called by a different number?

  • Marie Davis says:

    That looks fabulous. What type of nozzle are you using on the piping bag. I'm a novice and I'd love to be able to do this…

  • Summer Rose says:

    Can u use whipped icing for this?

  • Roshina Mantilla says:

    Hey the color scheme is exactly what I'm dining for my daughters 1 bday, could you possibly tell what food coloring you used with the buttercream and also is this Italian butter cream?

  • Amanda Walter says:

    I suck at cake decorating. But I only ever used store bought stuff. I'm sure now after last night that that rate there was my problem. I made butter cream for the first time last night. what a huge difference. My 30th birthday is coming up soon and I want to make my self a very grand cake. After watching this video I feel way more confident. But I own lots of piping guns in different styles. I have no clue witch one will be best to use. I typically use my syringe style one but it pops open a lot and mess's things up. I really want to master using my Tupperware one. Since I sell Tupperware for a living. But so far I seem to hate there piper. I also have a bag piper but It's super cheap. I'm such a noob at cake decorating. I have lots of butter cream frosting left over. I think I will go to town on a plate and practice like crazy with my different pipers. Figure out what works for me. I can always scrape the butter cream off the plate and start over. I want to make a two tier cake with leopard spots in the inside.

  • Shae Pedersen says:

    thank you for making a very helpful tutorial ! I really appreciate the specifics on pressure when making the rosette lots of helpful tips ! I am attempting a rosette cake tomorrow for my sister's birthday – I did a practice mini cake yesterday and my rosettes sucked. I soon realized the tip I bought was in the wrong labeled bin !!! I went out and bought a Wilton 2D today because that's what most videos recommended. May I ask what tip you were using ?

    I also appreciate you doing the rosettes slowly. All the other videos they do them so fast ( because they are obviously experienced) I thought that I had to do them fast for them to look nice, I will definitely take my time 🙂 thanks again

  • Jenny Paz says:

    by the ruffles on your rosettes you can tell it was not even pressure while piping …. fail

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