EASY chocolate curls tutorial. Beautiful topping for cakes and pies!
Ahhh, chocolate curls…so beautiful and yet so likely to make you want to scream in frustration…at least until you’ve learned the RIGHT way to make them. Do your chocolate curls crumble? Turn into mush? Fail to set? I’ve been there! But after much practice and learning, now I can spare you any further agony and give you tips to making perfect chocolate curls that you can count on. Your friends will be amazed by your endless talents!
These chocolate curls are a perfect way to dress up any dessert. Use them on cakes, pies, tiramisu, ice cream, you name it.
Makes: Enough to generously top one cake.


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****ATTENTION…HERE IS MY NEW CHOCOLATE CURLS VIDEO Stovetop method with my favorite TROUBLESHOOTING technique:

Microwave method below:

1 Tbsp. vegetable shortening
1 cup chocolate chips

1. Set out a clean baking sheet, off-set spatula, microwaveable bowl or cup, and a pastry scraper or flexible sharp-edged spatula for making curls.
2. Make space in your fridge for the baking sheet
3. Prepare a plate or baking pan with waxed paper for completed curls

1. Separate out about ¼ cup or a little less of the chips and set aside for later
2. In a microwaveable cup or bowl, add shortening to the ¾ cup of chips.

**The goal for the chocolate chips is to melt them about 75%-80% of the way at 50% power. Then, quickly cool down the chocolate with the remaining chips to bring them back to a tempered state. Do not melt entirely in microwave at full power. Yes, it’s easier and quicker, but you won’t get the end result that you want. Been there…done that.

3. Microwave the chips/shortening mix for 30 seconds at 50% power. Stir.
**Chips will not be ready yet but it’s important to go slowly. Patience is key here.
4. Microwave again for 30 seconds at 50% power. Stir. Observe how much of the chocolate is melted. Remember, you want to have remaining chunks of chips that have not melted yet. Resist the temptation to melt them all the way.
5. At this point, depending on your microwave, you may need to put your chips in for another 30 seconds at 50% power, or start going at 10-15 second increments at 50% power. Stir.
6. Continue these steps at 10-15 second increments until chocolate is melty with chunks of chips remaining.
7. Once chocolate is about 75%-80% melted with chunks of chips remaining, add in remaining chips and stir. Allow new chips to melt as you stir. These chips act to cool the chocolate, bringing it back to a tempered state. You may need to let the chocolate sit for a minute to allow the new chips to soften. Stir until smooth, with no chunks remaining.
8. Place baking sheet in fridge for about one minute. Much longer than this will cause your chocolate to set up too quickly.
9. Place your sheet upside down and pour melted chocolate onto pan. Spread with off-set spatula back and forth, covering the entire surface.
10. As you spread, your chocolate will begin to set. You will notice this as the chocolate will start to lose its shine and become more matte.
11. Test chocolate by lightly pressing a finger to it. It should leave a light fingerprint, but not an indentation.
12. Test a corner of the chocolate with your scraping tool: Hold pan, angle tool at about 45 degrees, and push away from you. If chocolate mushes up without curling, wait a few more minutes for it to set more. Test again. Repeat until the chocolate curls. (If chocolate crumbles, the chocolate has set too much and must be re-softened.)
13. Gently move curls to waxed paper with your scraping tool and set in fridge. They will set nicely and be able to be handled to decorate your dessert.

Tip: I like to make my chocolate curls a day in advance of making my dessert. I put them in a shallow/wide storage container to protect from being crushed by my kids going in and out of the fridge

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