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15 Responses to How To Make An Elmo Cake Topper The Krazy Kool Cakes Way! PART ONE

  • Jinny Fukuhara says:

    Love it….going to attept to make this for my grandsons first birthday…do you have an approximate amount of red needed? just need to know how much to mix up…

  • Alicia Perez says:

    Hi Laura if anyone really needs to know how much your actually using you can weight each piece on a scale. ;-)

  • Ovsan G says:

    Thank you so much! Your so detailed in explaining it. I didn't have time to order from you as my sons bday is 2 days away. First time ever working with fondont my elmo came out just perfect!! I made him with his hands up and it came out just perfect! Thank you!!!

  • Zuriati Wenger says:

    Hi Laura, can I use butter instead of shortening? Thanks!

  • Cathy Rea says:

    I want to thank you for this awesome tutorial. Your instruction was perfect!!!! Thank you again!!!

  • sharon sexton says:

    Hello!  I just subscribed about an hour ago.  I don't know how I didn't run across your videos sooner.  So far, I am loving the tutorials.  Your video on How to Make Elmo was truly awesome!!!! I have been a cake artist for a few years now, and I always see new and old things that I had no idea how to do.  So thank you from Southern Sassy Sweets from Lovelady, Texas!!!!  I am definitely a fan of yours!!!! Denise Sexton

  • Jessica Rodriguez says:

    No thank you for showing us your talent:) I try to do Elmo this afternoon a bit smaller but I couldn't get the wrinkles out! I was so mad you made it look so easy lol do you have any tip for wrinkles in fondant? I could only do cutouts or flowers I'm trying to lean how sculpt like you but it hard so please give some tips for wrinkles thank you!

  • Jessica Rodriguez says:

    Awesome video Laura:) biggest fan!!!<3

  • Georga Burnett says:

    I watched your 8 part video when you made the baby elephant so impressed i am now going to try this will be my very first attempt. so I have a couple of questions please. All the tools and base can they be susituted with other items I have all the wilton tools but no mat and we in england would have to use a plastic stick not wood is that ok? do you sell a baby elephant so i could model from? the work board for rolling gum paste is that specially for gum paste a lot of questions so sorry but want to have a go at making a Baby E thankyou for your inspiring creation Laura a new fan Georga :))

  • Tuan Quan says:

    Laura, your tutorial was incredible.  It was invaluable to me in creating my first gum paste figure!  My sons mouths fell open when they saw their Elmo birthday cake! Thanks and God bless you. 

  • pattym383 says:

    could you tell me were you get the satin ice red gum paste I cant find it online

  • Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs says:

    You're very welcome. Yes, it is pretty good and colors well. 🙂

  • Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs says:

    Once in a while I do use Satin Ice. 🙂

  • Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs says:

    Gel food coloring. This red gumpaste however, as I mentioned in the video, is pre-colored.

  • Gifty Miller says:

    How do you color your gum paste?

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