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5 ways to get more customers to buy your cakes – cake business series – This video shows how 5 easy ways to get more customers to buy your cakes. The best things about these methods is that they are simple, effective and won’t cost you a thing. Whilst these videos are about running a cake business, a lot of the methods can be used to get more customers for any business. If you are looking to start a cake business, check out more in the cake business series.

This our Facebook cake sales page – and you’ll see we’ve steadily been grabbing likes, posting our photos and steadily getting customers to buy cakes.

The first cake business series video from Cake Decorating with Danielle introduces your to the cake business series and gets you going with how to start a cake business and is available here:

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These are the 5 easy ways to get more customers to buy your cakes that we cover in this Cake Business Series video:

1. Friends and Family

Making Cakes for Friends and Family is how we started out and this is a great way to get some experience. Once you are confident with your skill level, you can begin selling to friends. Over a little time, word of mouth spreads and friends of friends start asking for cakes and so on. You shouldn’t underestimate how many cake orders you’ll get by this easy method. This is the low hanging fruit and by far the easiest way to make a little money from selling cakes to begin with.

For Some this is enough but watch on and you’ll see some more proven methods for getting more customers to buy your cakes.

2. A Facebook page

So, you’ve made a bunch of cakes and you’ve got some photos. Now you go to Facebook, create your own dedicated page for your cakes, add all your cake photos, and let all your friends and family know, ask them to like your page.

Another great tip: ask your customers to like your page, we often put a little note or business card asking for a Facebook page like and testimonial.

3. Facebook groups

This one tip is a little time consuming but if you log into Facebook, search for ‘facebay’, join as many groups as you can and then you can start listing your cake photos and promoting your cakes for sale. There are likely to be lots of these groups in your area, so search for facebay sites for different towns in your area e.g search for ‘facebay for sittingbourne’

Posting your photos and free ads takes a little while but brings a few customers, don’t forget each new customer may result in a regular customer that order 3 or 4 new cakes a year.

4. Website/Blog
Create your own website and blog, you can write about cakes you make, post your photos and try step 5 below.

5. Build an email list, this one BIG, for every cake you sell, ask your customers for their email addresses, you can then weekly, every fortnight or perhaps just monthly send an email with offers or gentle reminders that you are still there should they want a cake.

The Floureon Airbrush for cake decorating:
Cake airbrush edible food colour: (UK Link) Cake airbrush edible food color: (US Link)
White Square Cake Boxes: (UK Link)
White Square Cake Boxes: (US Link)
White Fondant Icing: (UK Link)
White Fondant Icing: (US Link)
Icing Modelling Tools: (UK Link)

Go Pro Hero 4: (There’s newer versions out but this Go Pro meets our needs for now an works well in water so was great on holiday as you can see in this video).

Samsung Galaxy S7: (We supplement video from our go pro and use our mobile phone for photos).


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