Butterfly Shape Fondant Cake with matching Cupcakes

(Jan 2013) Used a Butterfly Cake Pan to make the cake. Hope you enjoy!! xMCx

Join Jolene in the Trailer Park Test Kitchen, as she shows you how to make a fun and easy character cake without using a fancy pan.
Using a boxed baked cake and a few easy cuts, Jolene frees a 13X9 Cake into a beautiful Butterfly!
Watch now, Only On YouTube:
A ten minute, full length episode that can show you how to make your celebration more festive.
While others may be making life-size replicas of the Statue of Liberty with Fondant, The Trailer Park Cooking Show shows you a more home-style approach, minding your budget!
Live The Trailer Park Way: Be White Trash With Class!
Jolene Sugarbaker
The Trailer Park Queen
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