Welcome again. As you know I’m writing culinary articles and the task of these texts is to give you some interesting and helpful information about cooking and about different kinds of meal. I’m really doing my best to provide you the best information about work in the kitchen. In this article I’m going to provide you some information about traditional Polish cake recipes (and cakes of course). Traditional Polish cakes are very big, colorful and very tasty.

Let’s start with the poppy-seed cake. This kind of cake is god for every occasion in Poland. It’s very cheap, tasty and easy to prepare. Traditional poppy-seed cake is made of poppy-seed, flour, butter, yeast, sugar, eggs, salt, powdered sugar. There are many poppy-seed cake recipes. You can add apple to them or other additions such as meringue, nuts etc. I really recommend this very tasty cake for every occasion. It’s perfect for Easter, Christmas, birthday or you can prepare it without any occasion. I’m sure that your family will be very happy about that.

The next kind of traditional Polish cake is dame which is made of sand cake (it was described in my previous article, I was also describing dame in my previous articles). It’s very cheap and tasty kind of cake. You can eat it and you don’t have to worry about being overweight because of eating it. Typical ingredients for it are: sand cake, sugar and eventually some additions, for example chocolate custard. Of course there are many recipes for this cake, so everybody can find something that fits his/her requirements.

The last kind of a cake that I’m going to describe is ginger cake. There are many ginger cake recipes in Poland. It can be prepared in a form of cake and in form of biscuits. The best ingredients for typical Polish ginger cake are honey, sugar, butter, flour, eggs, soda, milk, ginger cake relish, salt and some fat to form. These ingredients are very cheap, so the cake is very cheap too. I want to add that it’s very tasty. It’s perfect for Christmas. In many households it’s one of traditional 12 meals on Christmas Eve table. I recommend this cake. There are lots of ginger cake recipes so this kind of cake is very varied.

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Different cakes call for different types of cake pans.  Here is an overview of the three main types of cake pans that home bakers will want to have on hand: traditional round pans, springform pans and shaped pans or cake molds.  If you buy high-quality cake pans, they can last a lifetime. Using our suggestions below, you’ll find just the right bakeware. With it, you’ll turn out one beautiful cake after another for years to come.

Traditional round cake pans

One of the most versatile cake pans is the traditional round pan, sometimes available in sets of two.  They come in sizes from 6 to 18 inches in diameter and 2-3 inches tall, and are ideal for single or stacked round cakes.  Aluminum is the preferred metal for a traditional cake pan, as it evenly distributes heat. They’re very versatile and can also be used for casseroles or baked fruit desserts. Some come with handles for easier gripping though the majority are just a circular shape.  Non-stick coating is a must so that you can easily release your crumb-free, perfectly-baked cake. Traditional round pans range in price from $ 5 to $ 30 for professional versions.

Springform pans

One of the most important things to look for when buying a springform pan is that the metal, usually coated steel, resists sticking and thus is easy to clean. It’s also key that the entire pan will hold its shape without warping.  This will ensure you have perfectly round cakes. A springform pan comes in two pieces, the sides and bottom, which should snap together seamlessly and provide even-heating. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 30.

Shaped cake pans

Shaped cake pans are like molds that produce a three-dimensional cake. Brands such as Wilton carry dozens of shapes including animals, cartoon characters, dinosaurs and other kid favorites. The convenient thing about many of these pans is that they come with detailed instructions for how to decorate the cake including tips and equipment needed. The downside is they may be specific to an occasion so you may not get use out of a Dora the Explorer cake pan as often as you’d like.  Nevertheless, they are fun and attention-getting, and will help create a memorable celebration.

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