Make an unforgettable baby shower cake for the mother in your life! Joshua John Russell shows you that it’s all in the details – a sweet gumpaste bow and cute accents bring this fondant and buttercream cake together. Then visit to shop the supplies you saw in this video to make adorable baby shower cake toppers! You can also find more online videos from Craftsy with the world’s best cake decorating instructors to learn the skills you need to make professional-quality cakes.

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Want to make a baby shower cake they’ll remember forever? Customize your creation with 3 tips for the cutest personalized topper.
Here are three tips to add a personal touch to your next baby shower cake. I’ve started with a basic shoe that you can create easily from a baby shoe cutter tool kit. Tip 1: add a beautiful little bow.
You just cut out a strip of gumpaste. Working on one end at a time, fold the corners towards the bow and then away, this will create a crease and make the bow more realistic. Now glue it down and repeat with the other side. Use a small piece of gumpaste in the center to tie it all together.
Make the ribbon ends first and glue those on, then use chocolate or royal icing to anchor the bow. Easy and adorable!
Want to add some sparkle? That’s tip 2. Just brush over the shoes with luster dust.
I am using a clean, dry brush and a little bit of pearl dust.
Tip three is another easy add-on! We can create a button in a couple easy steps.
I am using a piping tip and a small round cutter. Roll out a bit of gumpaste and cut a disk with the round cutter. Use the large end of the piping tip to emboss an inside ring….like a real button. Don’t cut too deep though, we just want to leave a mark. Now use the small end of the piping tip to cut some button holes and glue it on.
Now that our topper option are complete, lets put it all together.
I cut out some fondant stars and clouds to create a dreamy pattern on the side of the cake…..and finished with a little piping.
Now that’s a cute cake!
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How To: Baby Shower Cupcake Cake

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Decorate a Baby Shower Cake in Minutes

Hi, I’m Jill and today we’re celebrating the birth of a baby with a Onesie cake.
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Decorating Supplies:

You will Need:
Cake – we used two 8-inch cakes
Frosting – we used our wonder cream frosting recipe below
Onesie Cookie Cutter
Pink americolor color gel (or blue)
Pink sugar crystals (or blue)
Pink swirl cookie straws (found in asian section of grocery store)
Disposable decorating bag
#3 and #18 Tip

WonderCream Frosting- perfect for decorating

I created this amazing decorating frosting on a whim when I only had a few ingredients. It has been my go-to recipe ever since.


1 16 oz. tub of store-bought white or vanilla frosting (do not used “whipped” frosting)
1 16 oz. tub (use tub of frosting as your measuring cup) Crisco® shortening (I only use Crisco®)
1 Pound (16 oz.) box of Powdered Sugar
¼ Cup warm water (you may not need to add water if needing a stiff frosting or using extracts)

Flavor Tip: You may add a teaspoon of any clear extract to give your frosting added flavor. Our favorites are vanilla, almond, champagne, lemon, and hazelnut.

Adding Real Butter: Feel free to add 1/2 Cup of softened butter to the mix to add more flavor.

How to Make:
Add tub of frosting and shortening into a mixing bowl. On low speed, beat frosting until mixed well. While mixer is still on slow add powdered sugar. Add small amount of warm water until mixture is smooth. Once all mixed together, beat for about one minute longer. Do not over mix. It will create air in the frosting, which makes frosting a smooth cake difficult. If frosting seems stiff, add some more warm water. If frosting seems too runny, add powdered sugar and mix.

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