Order Cake Online on eBay:

Order Cake Online on eBay:

Sherramelts is an online wedding cake company in Singapore that is spearheaded by the young and talented Ms. Sherry Nasir. Find out more: http://htrp.me/Sherramelts

It is one of the best baking companies in Singapore that allows you to order cakes online. The name “Sherramelts” was formed by merging the words “Sherry” and “Caramel” together, and it signifies “to be melted away, internally, by your favorite things”.

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At Sherramelts, a cake isn’t just a cake, it’s a work of art that is personally designed by Sherry herself, and every cake has its own story to tell. But that’s not all, not only do all of Sherramelts’ cakes look impressive, they also taste amazing with the sensational flavor combination of cakes, curds, creams, and more!

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