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Hi, I’m Jill and in today’s episode I will show you how to create beautiful frosting roses on a chop stick. We realize the lighting is terrible, so we made a new video on our channel for you Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NAKMUzE9CQ
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You will Need:
#104 Decorating Tip for roses
#352 Decorating Tip for leaves
Wonder Cream Icing (see recipe below)
Colors (we are using soft pink, leaf green and bright white)
Disposable decorating bags

WonderCream Decorators Frosting:

1 16 oz. tub of store-bought white or vanilla frosting (do not used “whipped” frosting)
1 16 oz. tub (use tub of frosting as your measuring cup) Crisco® shortening (I only use Crisco®)
1 Pound (16 oz.) box of Powdered Sugar
1 teaspoon clear extract (vanilla, almond etc.)
¼ Cup warm water (you may not need to add water if needing a stiff frosting or using extracts)

Flavor Tip: You may add a teaspoon of any clear extract to give your frosting added flavor. Our favorites are vanilla, almond, champagne, lemon, and hazelnut.

Adding Real Butter: Feel free to add 1/2 Cup of softened butter to the mix to add more flavor.

How to Make:
Add tub of frosting and shortening into a mixing bowl. On low speed, beat frosting until mixed well. While mixer is still on slow add powdered sugar. Add small amount of warm water until mixture is smooth. Once all mixed together, beat for about one minute longer. Do not over mix. It will create air in the frosting, which makes frosting a smooth cake difficult. If frosting seems stiff, add some more warm water. If frosting seems too runny, add powdered sugar and mix.

Note: When making frosting roses, the frosting needs to be stiff. Add more powdered sugar to get a firm frosting that will create a beautiful flower without drooping on the cake.
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Icing a Quarter Sheet Cake with an Easy Icer and adding two borders!

The next time you ice a 1/4 sheet cake or larger, try using an easy icer in a disposable plastic pastry bag. This technique removes much of the guess work out of your icing…too much, too little, uneven, ect. The easy icer method will also help to prevent cake crumbs from contaminating your frosting. The buttercream or whipped topping is dispensed evenly and the iced cake surface appears to be somewhat level. I use a large cake scraper to reduce the edge marks left on the cake and overall professional appearance. The two styles of borders are often combined and used on a variety of special event celebrations, such as wedding, baby shower, baptismal, confirmation, or engagement cakes. Toni
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