How To Make CHOCOLATE EASTER CAKES 2018! 15 Amazing Chocolate Cakes Decorating Ideas 2018

How To Make CHOCOLATE EASTER CAKES 2018! 15 Amazing Chocolate Cakes Decorating Ideas 2018
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Amazing EASTER Cake Decorating Ideas Compilation #2 | Chocolate Cake Decorating Videos 2018

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Learn how to make a piñata cake with Easter candy inside and marshmallows bunny rabbits on top, in this video tutorial.

• 3x 8″ round carrot cakes (1.5x this recipe: https://youtu.be/kusNbr-TwgQ)
• Cream cheese buttercream (recipe here: https://youtu.be/KjIQz_4FQRo)
• Orange and green buttercream
• Graham cracker and Oreo crumbs (mixed)
• Assorted Easter candy
• Marshmallows (2 mini and 3 large per bunny)
• Pink jimmies (whiskers)
• Pink heart sprinkles (nose)
• Small blue round sprinkles (eyes)
• White chocolate (melted)
• Pink sanding sugar

1. Prepare and level carrot cakes. Using a 4″ round cutter, remove a 1″ deep and 4″ wide hole from the bottom layer of the cake. Remove a 4″ round hole from the middle later, and remove a 1″ deep and 4″ wide hole from the third layer.
2. Place the middle layer on top of the bottom layer, sandwiching them together with buttercream. Fill hole with Easter candy. Be sure to overfill the hole, as the top layer has room for more.
3. Place the third layer on top, hole side down. Cover entire cake in buttercream.
4. Once cake is covered in buttercream, cover the top of the cake with the “dirt” layer (graham crackers/Oreo mixture). Spread the crumbs right to the edge of the cake.
5. Using the orange buttercream fitted with a 104 petal tip, pipe carrot “ribbons” up the sides of the cake, alternating short and long carrots.
6. Using the green buttercream fitted with a 233 grass tip, pipe long carrot stems to the top of the orange carrots. Set cake aside,
7. To make the marshmallow bunnies, place one marshmallow perpendicular to another, using white chocolate to secure in place. Allow to set.
8. Using another marshmallow, cut it into thirds. Cut a one third piece in half-these are the paws. Dip part of the paw into white chocolate, and then into pink sugar. Attach to the side of the bunny (two marshmallows). Repeat for the other paw.
9. Using the second and third pieces that were cut into thirds, dip the sticky part of the cut marshmallow into the pink sugar. These will be the ears. Attach the ears of the bunny to the top of the head using additional white chocolate.
10. Dip the mini marshmallows into the white chocolate and place on top of the paws and onto the side of the bunny for the arms.
11. For the face, attach the heart for the nose, whiskers and eyes into place, using melted chocolate to secure in place.
12. Repeat steps 7-11 to make additional bunnies.
13. Place bunnies on top of the cake.
14. Slice and serve the cake when desired, and ensure that everyone gets some candy and cake too!
15. The cake can be stored for 2-3 days in the fridge.

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3D Easter Bunny Cake AD

This tutorial has been created as part of a paid for partnership with Dr. Oetker.

Easter Bunny Cake. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a 3D Bunny Rabbit Cake. It is the perfect cake for Easter as well as all chocolate and animal lovers. For this cake I use a chocolate sponge cake, orange sponge cake, orange jelly as well as rice krispie treats before adding chocolate ganache and fondant icing.

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