Planing a baby shower can be very expensive these days, which is why many are into DIY ideas. Do-it-yourself baby shower ideas may involve homemade baby shower decorations. One of the fun parts of planning a baby shower is making your own party supplies such as decorations. These homemade embellishments can be as beautiful as store-bought items, the only difference is they are less expensive compared when you buy decorations from a retail store.

Another advantage of homemade baby shower decorations is they can be very personal. When making them, usually the maker has something that gives her inspiration. Because of that, her personal creativity and skills are reflected that often make guests impressed.

Making your own baby shower decorations doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, it often involves easy and quick arrangements of everyday objects or common items of the baby, not to mention most of these ideas are inexpensive. There are different ways to use your homemade decorations, such as you can use them to your invitations, party favors, table decorations, and place settings.

Among the useful baby items that you can use for your decorations are baby tubs. Find a good place for the tub and then embellish it with ribbon, bows and helium balloons. Ask the guests to bring inexpensive baby items such as diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers, pillows, etc. Each of the items should be wrapped and will be placed into the embellished tub. This idea makes a wonderful centerpiece at the party.

One of the most popular decorations even during other special occasions are balloon. These are perfect if you want to quickly add a festive air to the venue. You can simply place bouquets of balloons throughout the party venue. There are lots of party stores where you can purchase different colors, sizes, and shapes of balloons at very cheap prices. If there are specific colors included in the theme, you can create balloon bouquets in those colors. You can attach a few baby items to the bouquets such as baby shoes, booties, bibs, baby bottles, plush toys, rattles, teething toys, etc. For larger gifts, such as strollers, bassinets, car seats, and crib, anchor some helium-filled balloons onto them to give them a festive look.

Umbrellas or parasols in pastel colors can be ideal base to create homemade baby shower decorations. If you are going to use these objects, choose coordinating umbrellas for a uniform look. You can scatter these beautiful objects to the entire areas of the venue, placing them upside down, you can even hand them to put accents on the ceiling and wall. You can attach streamers, banners, strips of glitter paper, colored yarn, confetti, or curled ribbon onto them as well.

These are just a few homemade baby shower decorations that you may consider to choose from. Other excellent ideas that are also easy to make at home include baby gift baskets and baby diaper cakes. You may also consider DIY baby shower favors if you decided to be more personal in your plan. Homemade baby shower ideas are fun, and they challenge you to be creative and imaginative which also help you create a special and memorable occasion for the expectant mom.

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Easter is coming! For the spring lover, there is no better time of year. It’s time to celebrate the new growth and beauty of the season. The cold weather is breaking and before you know it, light jackets and short sleeves will make their entrance from the dark recesses of the closet. The delicate air and young blossoms call you outdoors. The feeling is unlike any other time of year.

Decorating for Easter is a yearly tradition and rite of spring. When that spring fever hits, I know the time has come to transform the inside to match the outside. I start by pulling out my favorite plants and placing them more prominently in the room. Spring isn’t spring without flowers and butterflies, so they follow the path of the plants. The exquisite little nylon butterflies attached to craft wire and placed into the plants appear as though they have elegantly paused mid-flight to rest.

I like to make new fresh flower bouquets and arrangements for the season and I add the smaller nylon butterflies among the blossoms. The smaller nylon butterflies give it a similar yet different feel, so that they tie into my theme but are not repetitive. For example, in one area I will use nylon butterflies gracefully adorned with sparking jewels or crystals to catch the sunlight. In another, I use the sequined type. On occasion, I’ll hang beautiful daisies or ladybugs among the butterflies for a truly magical feel. Close to Easter, we add bunny decorations and eggs into the mix for an egg hunt.

During the Easter season, we celebrate love and beauty of the soul. Pulling Easter in through the though of life renewal carries special meaning for our family and we all look forward to the season. I was thrilled this year when my daughter asked me to help decorate the kids’ game room, too. Her love of my butterfly collection, especially the nylon butterflies with the jewels and sequins, led me to know exactly what we would do for the kids’ game room.

We added not only the nylon butterflies and springtime decorations but also cloud wall stickers and even some beautifully decorated alphabet letters in a springtime theme. The room now shines. We created an inspiring and exciting place to enjoy the wonder and newness of spring and get ready for the fun and renewal of Easter.

Bugs-n-Blooms is a family owned business that offers unique décor, including nylon butterfly, ladybug, flower and bumblebee decorations and accessories to add magic and charm to any room. The company also offers a selection of dress up clothes, such as butterfly wings, tutu skirts and fairy wands that bring out the fairy princess in any little girl.

Bugs-n-Blooms decorations have been featured on ABC television’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. For fun decorating and dress-up ideas visit our butterfly decoration ideas.

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