Mirror glaze or “glaçage miroir” is a technique for decorating cakes that right now is becoming increasingly popular. I am not surprised, the marble patterns that can be created are very varied, colourful and quite beautiful. It is not a new technique but it is one that until yesterday I had not tried. I was set the challenge to see what I could do with this technique, by one of my followers on Facebook. Now I love a challenge and I have been admiring these cakes for a while, so I couldn’t say no.
If you want to have a go yourself, here is a blog link to the recipe I used plus more examples

How to make white chocolate mirror glaze marbled patterns to decorate your cakes

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Doll cakes are classic. The princess doll cake is the perfect centerpiece for any girls’ birthday party. Use buttercream or fondant to decorate a doll cake into a beautiful princess. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of time decorating a doll cake. We will show you step-by-step how to decorate a basic buttercream iced doll cake with some easy cake decorating techniques.
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Watch this video & learn how to decorate chocolate cake easily.

Renowned chef Atul Kochhar an indian native presently settled in UK, takes after his indian roots & prepares dishes which are originally Indian yet he mixes them with lip smacking British ingredients & promotes modern Indian culinary. He enjoys immense popularity in Britain with multiple cookery shows & high-end restaurant chains in India as well as abroad.

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