Watch your celebration take flight when you serve this pastel butterfly cake. This sure sign of spring will be landing at birthdays, showers and just about any occasion that will come up this wonderful season. For a complete list of ingredients and instructions:
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Sensational Sculpted Cakes: How to sculpt and decorate spectacular novelty cakes

Sensational Sculpted Cakes: How to sculpt and decorate spectacular novelty cakes

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Rose Macefield shares her trade secrets and incredible design flair in this step-by-step guide to sculpting and decorating show-stopping novelty cakes. Beginning with the readily available sugarcrafting tools and materials required, she goes on to provide recipes for cakes, buttercream and royal icing. Learn how to level, stack, slice through and buttercream the cakes, and support their structure where required with dowels and cake boards. Rose shows how to sculpt shapes freehand or using templa

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Hi. So I’m here to show you today how to decorate a cake with sprinkles.

It’s a very simple idea. All I’m doing is taking my cake that’s already been prepared with a layer of buttercream, and you can you can see just with my offset spatula, I just made little swooshes along the top, and I cleaned up the sides so that they’re nice and neat. Also, I don’t have any frosting sticking to my cake board, because I don’t want the sprinkles, once they go on, to be stuck all around my cake. So make sure this is nice and wiped clean, and then you’re ready to go.

The best way to do this, honestly, is with your hands. Go into the sprinkles, grab a whole bunch, and you’re going to gently press against the side of the cake, and move around. And as you go, you can kind of work your way up, or go as low as you want to, but it’s fun to just kind of have it be very free form. And then when you get done, you’ll go around and take all the sprinkles that are around the edge, and just collect them and clean them up. But in the meantime, you’re just kind of moving around your cake board, and you can keep reusing. Make sure you’re working on a clean surface so you can just get these all out of your way. But it’s just a really fun thing to do, especially for a birthday party, if you’re doing an ice cream cake, anything like that.

So again, I’m just moving all the way around. I’m just gently pressing, and don’t worry about the mess right now because we’ll clean it up afterwards. But just kind of going up and down, multi-level, and take all those extras and just kind of move them around, and that is it.

So how do you cleanly get all of these extras off? Well, I take as much as I can off first. And then if you have a good piece of parchment paper, you could just kind of angle your cake, and just brush them all. They’ll come right off the sides, or else just go right onto your table. But you can see, as long as your cake board is clean, you’ll end up with a nice, clean edge on your cake. And that is it.

All I would do now is go in and write, ‘Happy Birthday,’ with a little bit of frosting, or make some little rosettes around the sides. You can even take a few more sprinkles and just go right in the center of the cake. It’s really cute. And that’s it. Very easy, totally delicious, and great for kids. How to cover a cake with sprinkles.


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