10 Professional Cake Decorating Ideas! Creative Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

10 Professional Cake Decorating Ideas! Creative Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake Decorating Ideas is loved by many people around the world, either for serious work presentation or for fun, social occasions. Learn the valuable tools and skills you need to take your cake decoration to the next level and get even more enjoyment out of your cake presentations.


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One of the biggest decisions you make as a bride is the type of cake you’ll have at the reception. This is probably one of the most detail oriented choices you will make outside the menu, seating, and the wedding favors you will give your guests. There is the size of the cake, the type, and even the design. So given all these details you may not be considering your cake topper or cake serving sets as top most priority on your list. Think of your cake topper and cake serving set not just as a useless ornament but as a garnish that will help tie together your cake with the overall theme of your wedding. Here are some unique and original ideas to help you when picking out cake toppers your wedding confection.

First off try looking for accessories that match your theme. You can now find a wide variety of items on the internet and at bridal boutiques to meet any idea you might have for your ceremony. Whether the theme is traditional, contemporary, theme related, or even a representation of another culture you can find a topper to meet any of your needs. At the same time it all depends on what can be achieved. If you have a theme that is too intricate or takes too much to achieve, it will be difficult to find the necessary materials to pull it together. That is why it is important to have decided on an easy to realize theme first before choosing any decorations.

Another great suggestion is simply going for a personalized topper for your gateau. The point of the decorations in any wedding is to reflect the couple about to be married. So it’s important to find items and accessories that really match who you are and what you find important. Getting a topper that looks a lot like you and the groom is a simple idea but it never goes out of style. It reminds your guests that this is your special moment and it can serve as a great memento afterwards.

Also look for humorous items to put on your wedding dessert. The reception is about cutting loose, having fun and celebrating your newlywed status. So have fun with your gateau decoration by having it portray something funny and hilarious. It will bring a smile to your guests and will be just another great thing that everyone will remember afterwards when talking about the ceremony and reception. There are several ideas you can use. A really funny decoration always starts by putting twist on traditional themes and clichés. For example one of the ways a man refers to a spouse is the “ball and chain.” You can have fun with it and have a decoration with a bride holding the chain and ball attached to the groom’s ankle. Of course screen these ideas with your groom first.

An interesting idea is to use non conventional decorations to top the gateau. You don’t necessarily have to have the traditional bride and broom figurine idea. You can choose other decorations to top it. If you are going to go this route it is a good idea to use symbols and figures with meaning that convey something important about your wedding. This will help make your reception cake all the more original.

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