This is my homemade white cake being filled with favorite (microwave) lemon curd and coated with perfectly fluffy buttercream frosting. My crumb coating is thicker than usual as I like it that way when layering fondant over it 🙂
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How to crumb coat a cake. In the video I am using a swiss meringue buttercream

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Having a garage is a necessity for many homeowners. The need to keep our possessions safe leads us to purchase a home with a garage. Whether we use it to store our yard tools or to keep our vehicles safe, a garage is a very useful thing to have. That is why we are leaning towards using garage floor paint.

A clean looking garage with garage floors coating will be a plus when it comes time to sell your house. The paint will act as a sealant and help preserve the life of the concrete flooring that can be found in most garages. You can also paint it a color that tells a little something about yourself.

There are many different choices in colors when it comes to garage floor paint. A very popular color of paint is a light gray. This is because it makes the garage appear to be larger and clean.

If you are a sports fan you can even find garage floor paint that will coincide with your favorite team colors. Paint the walls one team color and the floors the other team color. You will be showing your pride in your favorite team every time someone sees the inside of your garage.

Adding sand or kitty litter to your paint can bring several advantages to your garage. When you add sand or kitty litter to the paint before painting the floors, you can spread the paint for a stunning look while adding traction on to the floor.

When winter rolls around and you find yourself running back and forth from the garage to the snow covered driveway you will be thankful for the extra traction. Wet snow boots on a smooth garage floors coating can lead to a fall. The same is true if you return from work and step out with wet shoes onto a smooth garage floors.

As your vehicle begins to thaw out from the days commute, the water from the melting snow and ice will surely make a puddle on your floors. If you do not have any kitty litter or sand on the floors, you could possibly have a pretty bad fall in the water when you come into the garage in the morning.

To enhance your garage you don’t just have high end garage floors coating to pick from. There are great garage floor paint options that look just as nice and cost quite a bit less.

Crumb coat vs. dirty ice? Whatever you call it, learn foolproof techniques to mask your cakes with buttercream guru Erica O’Brien. Check out the rest of Erica’s class here —

This is a clip from Erica O’Brien’s online class, Better Buttercream. Why take this class? You’ll get recipes and techniques to make delicious buttercream, perfect for piping, flavoring, or a simple ice. Plus, Erica demystifies how to achieve that enviable smooth buttercream finish with razor-sharp edges. You’ll gain direct access to Erica, and can even ask her questions if your crumb coat is giving you a hard time.

Read students’ rave reviews and explore Erica’s other lessons – click the link above!

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