Nowadays, trucks are manufactured higher and higher off the ground and make it difficult to enter and exit the truck. Truck running board is an accessory, when installed makes the boarding very easy and prevents straining of the leg and the lower back. This allows keeping the luggage in and out without completely entering the truck.

Running boards are either with lights or without lights. It is the personal choice of the costumer to select the one according to his/her desire. However, having these with light helps in getting into the truck when parked in dark areas.

Truck boards are made of wide variety of materials. They include fiberglass, heavy-duty aluminum , ABS molded, and stainless steel running boards.

Most of the running boards come with non-slip treads to prevent slipping while entering and exiting the truck. These non-slip treads are especially useful in snowy winter when the chances of slipping are very high. All the materials used to make them are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. They are made more resistant to corrosion by chrome plating or diamond plating. They can withstand any harsh weather and hence are more durable. Truck running boards are created using computer software design to make it perfect fit. Some of the running boards have adjustable end caps finish that allows running board adjustment to get the custom fit appearance.

Truck boards can be made more customized by painting the desired color. These kinds of boards give the flexibility to the customer to paint the running board that matches the truck exterior.

One of the recent advancements in the running board technology is they are now powered to lift up or down when you need it. People who believe that they ruin the beauty of their vehicle can utilize the powered running boards. This is an automated running board which retracts when the truck door is shut and opens up when the truck door is opened. The power board retracts completely into a concealed pocket without sacrificing the ground clearance. The wide, flat beam of the power running board allows foot placement and extends outward 10-12 inches to give a natural step to the people to enter and exit the truck.

Truck running boards are available in retail, wholesale and online shops. They can be easily installed by following the guide which comes along with the running boards. The benefits and the appeal that running board adds to the truck makes it one of the essential accessories.

Truck Running Boards are a great accessory gift for any real truck guy in your family and can make an excellent set of 60th birthday gifts.

Learn how to make gorgeous artisan cake boards to match any custom cake creation. Quick, easy and very inexpensive. Using lovely Japanese mulberry and washi papers, wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper and 1/4″ foamcore.

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Hey sunshine! Ready for a super simpleeeee trick that makes a huge difference?! We are talking about that awesome extra detail of covering your cake boards. Nothing says IM BORING like a plain old cardboard cake board. When I make a cake for them I like to provide the entire package, and that includes and beautifully simply decorated cake board to match the theme of my cake. Think this is a pricy detail to add? nahhh!!! Literally a roll of wrapping paper and you are set. Plus the bonus is one roll will do multiple boards, so for LESS THAN you are getting a beautifully decorated cake board. so LETS DO THIS!
I hope you like this video of this super simple trick/hack where I used cheap wrapping paper to wrap my cake boards and make them extra special. If you do like it or find this tip handy go ahead and hit that pretty little thumbs up button to show some love!
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The CakeSafe Center Rod making it’s own hole in your cake boards is what keeps your cake so safe and secure.

The general rule of thumb is that if a knife can cut through your cake boards then the CakeSafe Center Rod can too.


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