Cake Basics: 70 Recipes Illustrated Step by Step (My Cooking Class)

Cake Basics: 70 Recipes Illustrated Step by Step (My Cooking Class)

“This series of stripped-down pictorials worth a thousand words is the missing link between elementally vague text-based cookbooks and video instruction you can’t slow down enough or take into the kitchen. Elegant design you can’t help but devour. Highly recommended for all experience levels.”
— Library Journal The My Cooking Class series comprises nine titles, including three new ones. Their success is attributed to a refreshing approach that presents every recipe in complete visual seq

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What is fondant? Learn how to use fondant, how to color, how to store it and pick up some clever tips and tricks on using it decorate cakes with Rosanna Pansino.

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Cottage Food Operator permits allow cake decorators (or anyone in the food industry) to bake and sell their items from their home. Most of the states have approved this law and in this video I walk you through the application process! I have cottage food permit B and have been licensed for 3 years now.

It’s difficult to know where to start with a home business! In Part 1 I walked you through applying for a fictitious business name, and now in Part 2 I walk you through the cottage food operator application!

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