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Have you ever considered wedding cake recipes? After all, most people don’t put much thought into the cake that is meant to be eaten, and instead focus mostly on the exterior design of the cake instead. The reason that the recipe for a cake always matters, however, has a lot to do with the taste of the cake and the fact that it has to be able to hold up under the demands of the frosting. This is particularly true where a wedding cake is concerned because it often has layers and tons of decorative work.

So, how can a baker go about choosing the right recipes? It all begins with the essential design of the cake in question. Will the cake have to survive being stacked up in many tiers and layers? Will it be frosted with a very heavy icing, such as a rolled fondant? What flavors will the bride and groom prefer? All of these factors are essential in choosing the appropriate recipes for the cake and icing, and it is often quite difficult to make these decisions because it is hard to know which factor is the priority.

First of all, it is important to always remember that the cake is meant to be an enjoyable and delicious dessert, and this means that the baker should encourage the couple to select their cake based solely on this factor. It is tempting to make the cake more of a display than a food item, but that is missing the point. Picking the flavors and textures should be the essential issue, and only then should they move on to a discussion about the design.

At that point the couple will be told about the cake decorator’s personal preferences in icing or frosting in order to help them understand if there are any limitations due to their flavor choices.

What does that mean? Well, if a couple opts for a very delicate white cake, this may be unable to hold up under the weight of a heavy, rolled fondant frosting. The couple may have to choose a different sort of decorative theme if they really want a truly delicate cake with their decorator’s traditional look or style.

The next thing that has to be considered is the general structure of the cake as well. Most wedding cakes are going to be put into tiers; and though these might be round, rectangular, or square, they will still need to be able to withstand the pressures of this scenario. A good baker can often make nearly any sort of cake a tiered cake, but the assembly process can become particularly challenging when a cake struggles under the weight of icing and of the manipulation necessary for stacking up cakes.

This means that the final deciding factor around any recipes for wedding cakes and icings is the way that the completed cake will look. Although many people get it backward and ask the baker all about the look of the cake before worrying about its taste and texture, the best bakers will always guide the couple through the process in the best order for optimal results.

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Decorating a kid’s room isn’t like decorating the rest of your home. You need to take a slightly different approach; one that will make the child feel warm and comfortable in this room. The bedroom is like a sanctuary to most children. They spend a considerable amount of time there playing, reading and of course, sleeping. When they have friends over, this is likely where they will hang out. They might play games, listen to music and more all in this room so it is important that while decorating, you choose themes and ideas that will make the child most comfortable.

What are some ways you can decorate your kid’s room with style that both they and you will love? Here are some ideas for you:

1. Talk to your child. Take time to learn what they like and what they would like to have in their rooms. Learn about their favorite colors and their favorite things so you know how to decorate a room they will love to be in.

2. Let your child help you. What better way to ensure you develop a room they love than to let them help you with it?

3. Keep it organized. Remember that children are going to have a hard time with clutter and with keeping these picked up so the more you can help them with organization, the better it will be. If there are furniture items you can buy to help with organization, this will help considerably.

4. Wall décor- Don’t forget the walls. Children love to have something colorful and nice to look at. You can even get wall art that is practical such as decorative mirrors and whimsical child clocks.

5. Wall coverings- For a child’s room, you should keep your wall coverings as simple as possible. While you want to complement the room, you also want to keep it simple for your child to manage and not have drapes that will get in the way or become damaged.

6. Plan your lighting- Just like in other rooms of your home, you may want to have more that one type of lighting here in your kid’s room. You can have a main light for reading, playing and other activities and a softer, more relaxed light for getting ready for bedtime or even as a nightlight. There are also many great decorative nightlights for you to choose from.

7. Display handmade items- Allow your child the freedom to show off things they create by hand. Allow them to decorate their walls with posters or handmade crafts and display handmade items in their room. This shows that you are impressed with their craftiness and also makes the room more personal for them.

This is not an extensive list as there are many more great ways you can decorate your kid’s room.

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There is nothing more beautiful than the perfect christening. Just imagine a lovely summers day in the garden of the baby’s proud parents, little children running around, new grandparents looking on with pride and everyone wearing lovely summer clothes and drinking champagne before cutting a gorgeous cake. Yes that is the ideal vision of a lovely christening and we know it rains, small children get into fights or get covered in chocolate, grandparents don’t always get on with the other set and cousin John, who would rather be watching the footy decided to drink as much free booze as possible!

Believe in the first vision of the day and concentrate on choosing a perfect present from all the christening presents on offer. The easiest way to see the greatest choice in one place is to look online, it doesn’t mean you have spent any less time or thought on the gift, it just gives a better choice than the standard stuff in the corner of the jeweller’s shop window. Give a lot of thought to the people who have had the baby and the sort of things they like, after all it is a gift for them first until the baby is older. So choose the perfect present to compliment their perfect day.

Traditional gifts are, obviously, designed for a baby but you must ask yourself if the baby will actually ever use the silver spoon set or the silver eggcup. They are beautiful at the time but how many adults do you see still using the eggcup and we doubt the silver spoon set is on display in their living room. Nothing wrong with a beautiful gift but try and combine the idea with something useful or that is timeless rather than just for the day. Christening presents that have been given this sort of thought will be much more appreciated.

Something long lasting that the child can appreciate as it grows up is a perfect present. Naming a star or a rose for the baby is a timeless gift and will be well received on the day. A beautifully crafted diary or a lovely scrapbook can be an ongoing gift and could contain treasured photos and mementos from all the people that were at the christening. It could even include a pressed flower from the day and the little bootees the baby wore. It would have to be managed by someone to keep it updated but if it starts off well, it will be a lot easier to keep up and follow your original idea behind it. A guest book in which all the guests from the day sign in and write a little bit about the parents, for example, will provide entertainment and memories for years to come.

Christening presents are a one off thing so make it a good one, no doubt you have been a friend of the family for a long time to be there in the first place, so honour them with the time and affection they deserve by putting time and affection into your choice of gift. Buying gifts that can be used and handled daily are often a good choice of christening presents as a lot of people just want to remember the day and enjoy the moment rather than have a lot of gifts that fill shelves, need cleaning and often end up at the back of the cupboard anyway. A beautiful well made personalised fleece or pillow can adorn a new baby’s room, just when the parents are looking for items that follow a colour theme. Picture frames can be lovely and, as time passes, can be used for photos of the child growing up and then when they have their own house, it can hold photos of their own family. Think before you put a name and date on something like that as you might force a lovely gift to be short lived. Quality is everything and a lovely christening present is a thing to treasure so choose wisely and make sure it is something that is not only perfect for the day but for the rest of the child’s life.

Another different idea, but one that will be appreciated by everyone, is a voucher for a family photoshoot. We all forget just how tiny and special a new baby is so a professional portrait will keep that image forever and again quality and the thought given will make it a timeless gift from you. They will never forget who gave them that!

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