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C. perlatus is native to the Indo-Pacific region, specifically Madagascar, Japan, and Australia and in other areas around the Red Sea and the Pacific. However, they have spread to other Atlantic regions because humans have brought them there.

In Australia they are restricted to islands and coral cays of the Great Barrier Reef where they have been found to scavenge on sea terns, tortoise eggs and other crabs.


These hermit crabs are noted for their bright red colouring and white granual markings. They can be 18 mm in length.

Juveniles are white with red antennae, but as they grow and moult, their orange and red colouring appears. During their younger years, they are more of a pale red or orange colour. As adults, they are very red. Their eyestalks are the same colour as their body and are thick. Their walking legs are thick and strong for climbing.

Coenobita perlatus has 47 pronounced striations on the large pincer in a pattern similar to Coenobita rugosus and to a lesser extent Coenobita compressus.

As a pet

Like all hermit crabs, it prefers gastropod shells with a round, uninterrupted aperture such as Turbo shells.[citation needed]

They are most active at a relative humidity of about 80% and a temperature of about 80 F (27 C).

They can live for around 30 years in the wild. In captivity they have been known to live for about 32 years.


McLaughlin, P. A. & P. Dworschak (2001). “Reappraisal of hermit crab species (Crustacea: Anomura: Paguridea) reported by Camill Heller in 1861, 1862 and 1865” (PDF). Ann. Naturhist. Mus. Wien 103B: 135176. 

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While it is more common to see birthday cake ideas for women and children, there are birthday cake ideas for men as well. After all, men blow their birthday candles too.

The first thing to consider in choosing a cake design is the age of the celebrant. The younger he is, the more designs are available for him. You can choose from his toys – baseball bat, train, truck, dinosaur and other animals, among others. As he gets older, you can choose designs from things that interest him. You can create a superhero, GI Joe, or other comic book or cartoon character theme.

Surprisingly, the interest in cartoons does not seem to wane as a boy gets older. Some adolescent and young adult men develop interest for Japanese animation. You can create a design from his favorite character. Others who love online computer games would also like his cake with his favorite character or player as design. For the comic book lover, a photo of his favorite comic book can be used as design. For a sports car or race driving enthusiast, choose a sports car design for his birthday cake.

You can also use his favorite sport as inspiration for the design. If he loves basketball, he would love a cake that looks like a basketball court, complete with basketball rings and his favorite player as toppers. For a diver or surfer, an underwater theme cake with sand, seashells and fish designs would be perfect for him. If he likes to play golf, a cake design consisting of a golf bag with clubs would be nice.

The design can also be based on his profession. For example, if he is a judge, a cake that resembles a gavel can be used. If he is an artist or painter, a colorful palette and paint brushes would make an interesting design. A violin or guitar-shaped cake can be made correspondingly for a violinist and guitarist celebrant. If he is a pilot, a cake in the shape of an airplane would be cute.

For the health-conscious man, you can bake a low or non-fat birthday cake. A carrot cake is a delightful healthy option. Ingredients can be substituted to make decorations that are fat-free and sugar-free. This is good news especially if the celebrant or some guests are diabetic. On the other hand, there are others who prefer to add some alcohol in the cake to give it a “kick.”

There are boundless of birthday cake ideas for men that you can choose from. What is important is to know what the celebrant likes, his interests and style. With that in mind, you can choose the perfect birthday cake for him.

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Learning the art of cake decorating begins with learning how to bake a cake;this is the very first step required to successful cake decorating – the skill to bake a cake with a smooth brown surface and very few crumbs. A fantastic and simple way to acquire the skills of sugar crafting is to practice your cake decorating skills on a cake made from a boxed mix. You simply put all the required ingredients together and follow the direction that comes with the box; you could also bake your cake from the scratch or simply buy one.

After the cake is ready, the next thing to do is to freeze for short period of time – you could put it into the freezer for about an hour in order to tighten the crumbs and it also helps the cake to retain moisture once decorated. A freshly baked and decorated cake can easily break into crumbs when cut but freezing helps to prevent this.

In the third step, you will need to trim and level the cake after you have allowed it to cool for about an hour; trimming allows you to cut off the dry edges while leveling is the process of removing the crown from the cake center, which gives you an evenly decorated surface. Always remember refrigerate your decorated cake if you made use of  perishable icing or filling.

The fourth step is to ensure that you use a consistent icing as the base for the next step of filling, frosting and decorating.

At this particular phase you should ensure that you smooth the icing on the cake as this can sometimes be the most difficult part of learning the art of cake decorating; the decoration on the cake will never look their best on an unevenly iced cake.

The resource box below will show you how to take your present knowledge and skill in the art of cake decorating to the next level. Whatever your next level is.

B Balogun, is a shinning example of how much success you can achieve by taking action and following your passion. sugarcrafting – the art of cake decorating can be such an uphill task particularly for beginners and even for some people who are not exactly beginners, however do you know that it is possible for you with absolutely zero knowledge in the art of cake decorating to led by the hand from a Beginner to Expert! I have walked through this beautiful path where the passion for cake decorating has become a rewarding trade and you can too – right here

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