cake decorating

A finished cake is often enhanced by covering it with icing, or frosting, and toppings such as sprinkles, which are also known as “jimmies” in certain parts of the United States and “hundreds and thousands” in the United Kingdom. Frosting is usually made from powdered (icing) sugar, sometimes a fat of some sort, milk or cream, and often flavorings such as vanilla extract or cocoa powder. Some decorators use a rolled fondant icing. Commercial bakeries tend to use lard for the fat, and often whip the lard to introduce air bubbles. This makes the icing light and spreadable. Home bakers either use lard, butter, margarine or some combination thereof. Sprinkles are small firm pieces of sugar and oils that are colored with food coloring. In the late 20th century, new cake decorating products became available to the public. These include several specialized sprinkles and even methods to print pictures and transfer the image onto a cake.

With the cake decorating pattern presses one can be sure to have a perfect and even results every time. Not only do they work beautifully on the tops of cakes but also on the sides, corners as well as creating a border. Use them to decorate wedding cakes or birthday cakes or any occasion cakes. They’re something that will give you limitless design and combinations, a must have for everyone who does piping work. They are your lifesaver if you want to make a really impressive cake without spending a lot of time. Even if you haven’t been decorating cake very long it makes you feel like you have.

One can never have too many useful cake decorating tools. Each one has its own unique purpose. A wide range of tools is essential in creating your masterpiece. Decorating your own special occasion cake can give you a great sense of accomplishment and can save you money, too. You can work like a pro, create and design your style with ease in no time at all.


cake decorating

Slowly build your inventory. You are going to need baking pans, bags, decorating tips, a mixer, a turntable or lazy susan.  Many cake decorators choose to buy an airbrush machine for cake decorating.  The Wilton brand offers a large variety of cake tips, cake pans, and cake plates.

Piped on icing techniques. 25 year Commercial Cake Decorator and instructor provides step by step visual of cake decorating processes, tips , and tools as we…

All in all decorating your own cakes can be fun but if you don’t have some idea of the way to do it right it will be very frustrating. At Cake Decorating Central you can find other useful tips and resources for decorating cakes. Get the right tools and information and have fun decorating cakes.

In New South Wales, there are two lovely cake decorating courses. One is of Iced Affairs, which is a leading provider of creative products to all over the world and personalized services of cake supplies, as well as tutorials on decorations. The course levels are intermediate as well as advanced courses. The cake decorating techniques includes cake sculpting, Piping, Rolled fondant, Cake writing and Royal icing. Sugar craft techniques like character modeling and sugar craft flowers. In New South Wales, there are other creative cake decorating courses which are offered by Sharon Wee Creations in Sydney. They offer introductory and intermediate courses.

This Wilton cake decorating kit contains many of the items in the Supreme kit but has a more extensive instruction manual and a very convenient way to store and carry the items around in. You can add additional items to the collection that comes with the caddy like more colors, paint brushes, tips and cutters.

Now you can be your own Boss, making cakes, which make people HAPPY! In your own Cake Decorating Business, you no longer have to take orders from anyone, other than your many customers, of course! You can choose to specialize in anything from wedding cakes, to children’s birthday cakes, to cupcakes, to cakes shaped like fantasy castles… whatever, you most enjoy designing. You can start small, from the kitchen table – create your own cakes, take some very good pictures – create a website and display your artistic talents to the world.

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