Cakes make the most delicious gift for all occasions. Be it a birthday, marriage anniversary, or some other celebration, cakes add to the enjoyment. Earlier, sweets were the most prominent dishes on all the occasions in India but now, as people are getting more and more health conscious, they are accepting new ideas, too. If you are an Indian living abroad who want to send some suitable gift to India on an occasion but not getting a good idea to do that. Send cakes to India. It sounds incredible but it is true. You can send cakes to India from any part of the world. Just read ahead and you will know how easily you can send cakes to India, regardless of any geographical restrictions.


Sameer has recently shifted to New York from Ahmedabad, India. I am also from Baroda, a neighbour town to Ahmedabad. Fortunately we both have landed here at same location. He is just two buildings ahead of my apartment. We came across each other while struggling with our cars in the parking space here. He gave a good dent to mine and we became good friends. Sameer has a younger sister and parents in his family in Ahmedabad but he lives alone here. So we often invite him to our house for tea. This way we share moments together. Last month when I invited him at my place he looked a bit worried. When asked, he informed me that his sister’s b’day was due after two days. When in India, he used to bring her a birthday cake on every birthday. She would miss her very much this year as he was not there. He was more worried about the ‘cake’ in fact. How would she celebrate birthday? Who would bring her favourite cake? From Where? Etc. were his concerns.


“Why don’t you send cake to India like you did there every year” I asked. “Are you kidding?” he questioned, “How can I send cake to India from New York?” he wondered, “That too when only two days are left for the b’day now.” he took a long breath. Then I realized that he is not really aware of the ways he can send cake to India. I then assured him that he can send gifts to India and even cakes to India easily. “I myself send cakes to India every year on my parents’ birthday” I informed him, “It’s very easy. There are some really good online gift portals from India. All you have to do is place your order online and they will deliver your gift to India in time” I explained him everything and gave him name of the portal I have been using for sending cakes to India. They have never let me down. We placed an order for a black forest, her favourite, cake to India and a beautiful gift for her sister in Ahmedabad. “Incredible! The cake and gift got delivered in good time. “My sis is really surprised to see it there” was Sameer’s excitement after when we met next. is having a large collection of birthday Cakes to India. If you want to send cakes or Gifts to India for any occasion from any other part of the world, you can do it now. All you have to do is place your order online, we will do the rest.

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