Christenings are great family occasions, especially when it is the ceremony for the first born. But for the new parents, what is often more worrying than getting the infant through the service without crying is what to do once everybody leaves the church and heads back to their home. Is it a buffet and a few sandwiches, an outdoor barbecue in the summer, or perhaps something to accompany a cup of tea for the Christening guests afterwards?

One option is to go for the tea and cake approach but with so much to organise before the Christening and a young baby to look after, there’s often not that much time for any home baking, so it’s a case of buying cakes in. Then the problem is what to buy and whether to go for a selection of cakes from the supermarket or for something distinctive. For a Christening, a good sponge cake is a great idea as everybody likes it – particularly the children- and they can have a small slice or a large slice and the sponges come in a range of flavours such as traditional Victorian or chocolate. Nowadays, it is easy to Buy Cakes Online and have the sponge cakes delivered to your door in time for the Christening.

Once everybody gets back from the church all you need is for someone to take charge of the tea and coffee making and another person to cut the sponge cakes, leaving mum and dad to focus their attention on the newly-Christened star of the show and mingle with their friends and relatives. Christenings are such enjoyable family occasions as they often bring relatives together who have not seen one another for a long time and many of them will treasure the opportunity to mingle and chat over a cup of tea and a slice of sponge cake.

If anyone compliments you on the sponge, you can always discreetly admit that you had a Cakes Delivery the previous day, but of course, then they will want to know where the irresistible sponge cakes you are serving to your guests had come from.

Kerry Miller is a food enthusiast who love nothing more than getting Cakes Delivered or to Buy Cakes Online from an online retailer.

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