The free market economy and globalization have made it possible for large numbers of people to migrate to foreign countries as employees. Most of them do not take their families with them as they are more interested in making some quick money and return to their homes to lead prosperous lives. And all these people without exception love to send gifts to India or cakes to India when there is an occasion.

Cakes have been the one thing that is always savored by people of all kinds from all over the world. To those whose career commitments needed them settle abroad, there is a special reasons to send cakes to India. Strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, chocolate or send a five star cakes to India…the choices are endless. In order to cater all such requirements of these non resident Indians, there are numerous ecommerce websites have come into existence all over the world; with whom the expatriates can place their orders to send cakes to India.

And in case you want to send online cakes to India there are plenty of online portals available and you can place orders with them right from the comfort of your homes. These portals have made it very easy to send cakes to India or any other country that you specify.

Indians love to celebrate birthdays. A birthday comes only once a year and throwing a lavish party can be quite an enjoyable experience. And the one important feature of birthday celebrations is the cutting of the birthday cake in which the whole of the family and friends join in. And the enjoyment is heightened if the cake comes from someone abroad, not because you cannot get good cakes in India but cakes received in gifts often makes a delightful and delicious difference. And the unveiling of a beautifully adorned fivestar cake to India brings a hush to the whole atmosphere while those who have gathered gaze at it in wonder. It is an extremely satisfying feeling for any host or the one celebrating the birthday.

And when you want to send cakes to India or a gift to India, for a birthday, any other occasion or festivals don’t forget to place the order 3-4 days in advance. And do it with a portal that enables you to track the progress of your cake so that you can know if it has been delivered on time. has been working for last 12 years to bring the non resident Indians close to their friends and families in India by way of sending gifts to India, Cakes to India on the occasions when they should. If you are one looking for ways to Send Cakes to India, log on to

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