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Complete wedding cakes courses in Victoria offer a wide variety of cake decorating techniques which include Butter cream, Cake sculpting, Chocolate, piping, rolled fondant and cake painting. This vivacious course offers sugar craft techniques such as character modeling and sugar craft flowers. The classes are help 2 hours a week during each school term for a period of eight weeks.

Not many hobbies can give you as much joy and pleasure as cake decorating. The look you see on the faces of your friends and neighbors when they see the work of art you have just presented them is priceless. Then, assuming you have done everything else right, the accolades you get from them as their taste buds explode with the wonderful flavors you have so skillfully blended together, is like music to your ears. It can make all that time and frustration you have spent on learning this skill all worthwhile.


You just need the tools and information to build that perfect cake. Knowing the information the pros have can greatly improve your chances of making a masterpiece cake. Cake decorating designs is one of the most sought after information right now. You can get more information from our website.

Liz Creates a Buttercream Elsa From Frozen With the Help of Marshmallows!

In United Kingdom, Wilton cake decorating courses are much famous amongst the enthusiastic learners of cake decorations. Wilton runs various programs, schools and workshops on cake decoration. There are many creative and innovative techniques which includes sunflower, Fondant Scarecrow, Gum paste mum, using a fondant, Stephanotis, Shaggy mum, Rose topper, Baby cake topper and Candy swag.

A pastry bag with a metallic tip held on by a coupler is a very powerful device in cake decorating. With it, it is easy to make words, flowers, and other designs on the top and sides of the cake.

These are just a few pieces of cake decorating equipment that are being used by bakers and pastry chefs. But we should remember that before actually deciding to buy these items, make sure that you know where to use them and what their specific purposes are.

The first thing you need is a smooth icing to cover the surface of the cake; make sure you cool them completely before you begin. Crumbs can damage the icing and makes your cake decorating look unprofessional, so start with a thin layer of frost just to cover and lock them before you start application of the regular layer. Once you set this layer, place it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. This will set all crumbs, locked in nicely and ready for the next step. Now you can have fun decorating you cake without having to worry about those dreaded crumbs suddenly appearing.

The majority of people have no idea what fondant is, even though it is very common in cake decorating. Fondant is the stiff sugary icing that covers traditional cakes for special occasions such as christenings, showers and weddings. Fondant or sugar…

In Western Australia, wild sugar rose has started its first series of the workshop on cake decorating courses after much request. This is a widely famous cake shop which will teach you different types of frosting techniques as well as decorating techniques. They have started offering with cup cakes and for introductory classes.

Cake decorating was rumoured to start by a French bakery in the 1840s where a French baker wanted to increase the prices of the cakes and hence thought to decorate it.

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