Specialty cake pans are extraordinary varieties of cake pans that come in various materials, sizes and shapes. These pans are made from more advanced materials; metal and silicone are some examples, which make it easy to bake cakes in with unique designs and to remove the cake from the molder. Most of these cake pans are made of non-stick surface to easily take out the cake but it is still advisable to make use of flour, baking spray or baking oil before baking cakes in order to guarantee easiness of removal from these specialty cake pans.

These specialty cake pans can be classified in three different categories: the shaped pans, the character pans and the three dimensional pans. Shaped pans are mostly popular for birthday celebrations wherein the celebrants’ specially-made cakes characterize their interests or hobbies. The most popular shaped pans made for the celebrators are shapes of animals, cars, diamonds, sneakers, basketball balls, stilettos, triangles, ovals, and sometimes even different sorts of fruits and vegetables. The second category is the character pans which are most popular with children belonging to very young ages. Often, children ask their parents for cakes that replicate their favorite cartoon characters from television shows or movies at the moment. The most popular character cakes for young girls are Disney’s princesses and Barbie while young boys lobby most for cartoon heroes like Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman and Superman. The three dimensional pans are cake pans giving cakes a twist by adding a new layer by using butter cream and royal icing to bond the layers of the cakes.

Edge Brownie Pan, Corner Cut Cake Pans, Scandinavian Almond Cake Pan, Coffee Cake Pan and Angel Cake Pan are just a few examples of specialty cake pans. The Edge Brownie Pan is made from durable aluminum with non-stick and easy to clean surfaces and is best for chewy-edged brownies aficionados. Corner Cut Cake Pans are 8-sided high class pans widely used for to craft stylish cakes for weddings, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions with anodized aluminum for finishing. The Scandinavian Almond Cake Pan also popularly known as Rehrücken pan is distinguished by its traditional curved, ridged figure. A Coffee Cake Pan is a donut-shaped non-stick coated pan made especially for serving tasty coffee cakes. Lastly, the Angel Cake Pan is a tube pan with tall sides and does not need flour, baking spray or oil for cake enhancements. Other than these five pans, there are more kinds of these extraordinary pans which come in different sizes and shapes.  

Specialty cake pans are widely available in nationwide stores and varieties are sold in online stores with very affordable prices. Grab some of these specially-made cake pans to create the fanciest cake for a loved-one’s birthday or for any special occasion. A cake shaped as a princess castle for the pretty little girl turning six or a replica of Scooby Doo for the cute little boy celebrating his third birthday or a sneaker-shaped cake for the shoe-lover husband or delicious brownies shaped as stars for visiting relatives can be done with these specialty cake pans. Creativity starts when cake pans are purchased. Desired shapes for cakes are easily achieved by using uniquely-made pans, decorating the cake is the remaining challenge for cake fanatics.    

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