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Since my first cake, I have tried more difficult cakes. This past year for my son’s first birthday party, I made a six car train cake complete with edible cargo (M&Ms and gummy bears). The kids loved the cake and I loved making it! I used a simple box chocolate cake and made six small loaf cakes. I then used canned frosting and added different color food dyes to make a variety of colors. I frosted the cakes with a crumb coat and let that harden in the refrigerator for a few hours. After that, I was able to frost again and top each “train car” with Kit-Kat side bars and candy cargo. I covered a piece of wood with wax paper, drew tracks with black icing and laid down the train. This session of edible cake decorating was my favorite as I was able to sample the left over cargo.

For instance, you can discover how to use chocolate ganache to finish a dessert, adding a professional touch to your baking. Or, find cake decorating classes online that will assist you in learning how to arrange a chocolate hazelnut meringue pave torte, create gorgeous buttercream roses for a celebratory cake, or ice an American-style cake with marvelous detail.

Sculpture Cakes: Cake decorating ideas for these types of cakes run the gamut from elaborate castle cakes to cupcake cakes in the shapes of everything from butterflies to footballs.


cake decorating

This is the kit you will need for the first lesson in the Wilton Method cake decorating classes. It is good starter kit that includes many of the items you need for a first cake but if you decide to take any of the other 2 lessons you will need to add other tools. If you are going to continue your education with the Wilton classes you would be better off getting the one of the other larger kits like the Supreme or the Ultimate kit.

What could be better than real butter cream on your cake or cupcakes? Butter cream frosting is an important part of cake decorating. Fortunately it is quite …

Here is a recipe for a classic buttercream frosting for cake decorating.  The only real difference between this frosting, which i am calling a buttercream for cake decorating, and a regular classic buttercream, is, for this recipe, I am using half the butter and replacing it with shortening. This adds a little more stability to the frosting, it will give you more time before the frosting gets runny from heat, and it also keeps the frosting from hardening too much. Also after the cake is done, if it is in the heat, the shortening will help the frosting from sliding or getting overly shiny.  You can use a classic buttercream, but you may find yourself putting it in the refridgerator often to stiffen it up, while you are decorating your cake.  Or worse, you may find the frosting sliding right off the cake if it is too hot.

The art of cake decorating is rewarding to both the client and the decorator of the cake. There may be a level of stress when you are on a deadline but the end result is well worth the trouble. When you are able to take your time and decorate cakes in peace, you will find the entire process very enjoyable. One way to cut stress in any situation, is to keep your mind on the design itself, and not let negative thoughts get in the way of your creativity.

These Cake Decorating Tools work great for scroll patterns on cakes for a consistent size and shape and your cake look so much more professional than just doing free-hand. These are amazing tools and work great for beginners. Just ice your cake, let the icing set and crust, then with a slight pressure, press the desired pattern you want onto the icing and then use your icing to follow the lines. They work well with a medium consistency icing or a stiffer buttercream. This is a wonderful set to help make your cakes look from simple to elegant.

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