cake decorating

This part looks very much like “Donna Horn” or a friend of hers has simply added it to the list to get more recognition for it; it seems very unencyclopedic. I don’t know enough about cake decorating to tell; is this a method used often? Is Donna Horn well-known in cake decorating? Can this be verified as noteworthy enough for the article? -Preceding unsigned comment added by 6252123 (talk) 05:44, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

In depth courses are more geared to the
serious and professional decorators out there.
These can last several grueling months, and you will be responsible for
attending class and learning under an instructor.  Most of these offer some kind of certification, which can be
crucial if you are intending to use these skills in your career.  This is a cake decorating course for the
serious decorator only!  You will often
find these at culinary schools.

Cakes are a delectable delight and an ideal treat for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. For such important occasions, you can display cakes in a decorative way with the help of cake stands and cake decorating equipment. Cake stands are versatile and make a wonderful display for special dishes, seasonal décor, or entry tables at events. With their whimsical looks, they can turn an ordinary breakfast into a more festive affair. Take a look at the different types of cake stands available.


cake decorating

Be sure to make adjustments to the frosting’s consistency based on the kind of cake decorating project you have. If you want thin icing, add either one of these three ingredients: milk, light corn syrup or water. However, if you want a stiff consistency, add sugar to the concoction. You’ll notice, as you get more experience, what kind of consistency you have based on the temperature, humidity and ingredients. Here are some ideas to use with the different consistencies:Medium Frosting – Cake covering, borders, stars, and flowers.Stiff Frosting – You want stiff frosting for roses or other items that you want to have stand up. If you want string work on your cake, add a touch of light corn syrup to your frosting. This gives it a greater suppleness.Thin Frosting – If you want to add vines and leaves or add writing on the cake, you’ll need to use some thin frosting.

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You need to have the skills and
the knowledge to reach your clients, manage your finances, and advertise your
skills to new markets.  Here are just
some of things that you can learn about the cake decorating business:

may think that taking an online class compromises the human interaction
involved in a normal course, but these classes are designed to help you communicate and network with your peers. Online cake decorating courses provide you
with an outlet to email, share finished projects, and team up with other
decorators all over the world.

The holidays are fast approaching and if you9;re looking for a way to make this year9;s dinners and events unique keep reading to uncover how cake decorating classes in Los Angeles can get your edible creations turned into pieces of art.

This section seems very unencyclopedic – I propose a significant rewrite that would cut the content right down and concentrate on methods of cake decorating rather than lists of where people might take classes in North America. I’d also get rid of the Wilton focus which seems entirely unencyclopedic and violates due weight. Does that sound reasonable? — SiobhanHansa 11:52, 16 August 2008 (UTC)

By learning about the most effective cake decorating tips available today, you will be able to produce a cake for any occasion. We all know that a party is not complete without a cake and by making one yourself, it is not only rewarding but is also very easy to do. In this article, I will give you a few tips that will help you decorate the best looking cake for any occasion.

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