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With some ingenuity, you will soon make a name for yourself as a dependable cake decorating professional without spending too much start-up money. You will need to know the best way to price your cakes, how to write contracts and prepare orders, and how to determine the size cake you will need for the job. Never fear! There are formulas available that will teach you this information. Take your passion and creativity to the next level and begin earning money from home as a cake decorator!

Find Cupcake and Cake Decorating books, Paula Spencer’s “Start a Cake Business Today,” and other Tools here: Cake Decorating Business From Home And you can also access these Online Cake Decorating Video Classes to guide you along the way.

You just need the tools and information to build that perfect cake. Knowing the information the pros have can greatly improve your chances of making a masterpiece cake. Cake decorating designs is one of the most sought after information right now. You can get more information from our website.


cake decorating

How much time you have: What is your schedule~daily schedule Are you currently working on a full time job and would like to take up cake decorating on a part ti …

Cake Decorating instructor Liz Larson Demonstrates the many ways a Rose Tip can be used.Piped on icing techniques. 25 year Commercial Cake Decorator and inst…

As part of your main plan for success, call up or get on the net with your Town or City, and mention that you’re looking into running a cake and cupcake decorating small business. Explain if you are planning to utilize your kitchen, or if you’re planning on renting cooking space. Find out just what exactly you should do, along with exactly what legal requirements you need to comply with.

A coupler is one more piece of cake decorating equipment and is a plastic collar that holds the metal decorator tip. It is used by placing it in a piping bag where the tip will be attached to. The coupler will then hold the tip in place and make it easier to change the tips without having to clean the bags out completely.

Complete wedding cakes courses in Victoria offer a wide variety of cake decorating techniques which include Butter cream, Cake sculpting, Chocolate, piping, rolled fondant and cake painting. This vivacious course offers sugar craft techniques such as character modeling and sugar craft flowers. The classes are help 2 hours a week during each school term for a period of eight weeks.

You can find resources and links to tools and supplies you will need to purchase as you take the cake decorating classes at Michael’s, at Cake Decorating Central.

The competitions presented on the program cover a wide range of areas, from cake decorating to ice sculpting to Teppanyaki to macaroni and cheese, with cakes being the most frequently covered area.

Many people have come a long way in their passion for cakes. Cakes are not only fun to eat but fun to bake and decorate as well. Let’s skip the baking part or else we will be talking whole day about the different recipes and ingredients and the measurements. Let’s go right away to cake decorating.

You may have entered a wedding reception and actually run to see the cake before the bride. You probably would not be the only one. It is often the center of attention next to her. There it will sit, beautifully detailed on the table, looking perfect, too perfect to eat. You wonder how each detail was created, and if you could ever be capable of such a cake. Yes you can, with the correct tools, a couple of books and some practice. You are capable of any type of cake that you would like to decorate. Read on about using cake decorating as an expression of yourself.

Wilton 2104-2546 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set

Wilton 2104-2546 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set

Wilton Supreme decorating set. Decorate many advanced wedding, floral and basketweave cakes as well as basic. Includes metal decorating tips #2,3,5,7,12,16,18,21,32,47,65,67,101, 103, 104, 129, 225 and 352. 24 disposable decorating bags, two tip couplers, 5 icing colors, 1 flower nail, 8

  • Complete tool set for frosting and decorating cakes
  • 53-piece set includes tips, icing bags, metal flower nail, and two tip couplers
  • Storage tray and 8-inch angled spatula included
  • 36-page instruction booklet illustrates icing techniques and designs for 15 cakes
  • Clean metal tips with warm water and soap, dry with cloth

List Price: $ 32.99

Current Price: $ 32.96