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You can find resources and links to tools and supplies you will need to purchase as you take the cake decorating classes at Michael’s, at Cake Decorating Central.

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Introductory Wilton ClassesAre you ready to learn how to do the basic Wilton cake decorating course? If so, then what you’ll learn during the one to five day course is the following information:

Have you ever gone shopping and felt like it was taking forever? You will get the same feeling if you go shopping for decorating equipment too. When you buy a cake decorating kit already made up for you, you will save the time and hassle of buying all the equipment yourself.


cake decorating

If you happen to be out of reach of one of these cake decorating courses, then don’t fear! All you need to do is access the internet and you can bring the class into your living room. Classes are taught through video instruction, and you can post pictures of your work and get the criticism you need to improve.

Cake Decorating with buttercream frosting icing – Part 2 – David Cakes MacCarfrae demonstrates simple & advanced buttercream frosting free-hand piping techni…

Cake decorating is an art but some people take it as a career as well. There is a good demand for cake making and decorating. A nice looking cake can add that special personal touch to almost any occasion. There are special training programs for anyone who wants to learn the tips, tricks, trends and procedures involved in cake decorating. You need creativity to work and come up with unique ideas.

There’s something about this season that makes me feel creative. The holidays have ended, and everybody is back to nibbling on carrots and celery, as all the appetizing foods from the previous months fading away as sweet, distant recollections. Though healthy intake is of great importance, let’s not forget to take pleasure in ourselves when we wait for spring. Taking cake decorating classes online may perhaps be just the solution!

For instance, you can discover how to use chocolate ganache to finish a dessert, adding a professional touch to your baking. Or, find cake decorating classes online that will assist you in learning how to arrange a chocolate hazelnut meringue pave torte, create gorgeous buttercream roses for a celebratory cake, or ice an American-style cake with marvelous detail.

Amount of time you have on your hands: How flexible is your time? Are you currently working on a full time job and would like to take up cake decorating on a part time basis? Can you …

There is nothing like working from home. It is cheaper because you don’t need to commute or buy a special wardrobe to go out into the public. You can also use a home office as a tax write off. Here are some ideas to help you start and succeed in a home based cake decorating business.

When it comes to cake decorating your options are endless. The difference is how you learn. You of course can make the mistake as I did and pay a ton for classes or you can learn from a mistake and learn online. Learning cake decorating online is great for many different reasons. The cost is low, you can learn a technique over and over again until your comfortable with it, and it’s all on your own time. There are options for every cake decorator out there; all you have to do is find one suitable for you.

Cake decorating [] for beginners can prove to be very intimidating at first. There seems to be so much to know! Fortunately, these classes can help you learn:

If all of this sounds above your skill level, don’t worry. Our cake decorating classes online are suited for novice cake artists all the way through expert; just select the ones that look right for you. Teach yourself the fundamentals like how to separate eggs and prepare simple syrup, or dabble at stabilizing whipped cream confections. With cake decorating classes online, you decide on what’s acceptable for you, and you can learn at your own speed in your very own home. There is no pressure and no need to worry if you goof or need to do it again.

Professional Cake Decorating

Professional Cake Decorating

The comprehensive guide to amazing cake decoration—now fully updated

Professional Cake Decorating is a must-have resource for professional and aspiring cake artists, baking and pastry students, and cake decorating hobbyists, drawing on years of experience from master cake designer and IACP Award nominee Toba Garrett. This Second Edition has been completely revamped with gorgeous new photography and a fresh new design. The New Skills have been re-organized into a user-friendly, step-by-step format, and line art and photos throughout the book provide a visual reference for each new technique. The book begins with an introductory chapter on all the fundamentals of the cake designer’s art, from covering a cake board to assembling and icing a layered cake to stacking cake tiers with pillars or columns. Subsequent chapters cover decorating techniques including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Piping Skills, The Art of Writing and Painting, Royal Icing Design Skills, Hand Modeling Skills, Pastillage Construction, Gumpaste Flowers, and much more. A chapter on Miniature Cakes and Decorated Cookies includes techniques for making petit fours and other small treats, while the Cake and Confectionery Gallery provides inspiration for decorators with nearly 20 full-page photos of breathtaking cakes and information on the techniques needed to complete each one. Garrett also includes recipes for cakes, fillings, icings, cookies, and more, as well as an appendix of templates to help decorators replicate the designs shown in the book.

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