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Regardless if you are establishing a cake and cupcake decorating operation from home or any other business, you shouldn’t do a single thing until you have drafted (blank) a business plan or at a minimum an overview of exactly how you are going to operate your organization. For assistance with a business plan, you can easily get in touch with the Small Business Administration for guidance, or buy any number of reference books on the subject. Paula Spencer, that is definitely a well-known cake decorator, has a guide committed especially to the start-up of a cake and cupcake decorating company. This is explained further, in this article.

Cake decorating is a fun business, but as with all businesses one of the most important “ingredients” to succeeding in this business is marketing. Continue reading for ten ideas that can help your cake decorating business taste sweet success!

A lot of resources are out there to help you if you want to become an expert cake decorator: the internet, videos, magazines, books, classes and groups interested in The Art of Cake Decorating.


cake decorating

Although going to culinary school and practicing cake decorating for years should defiantly have you at the top of your game for cake decorating, it’s not really a requirement for the beginner. Just by knowing a few simple tips and tricks you can start making cakes that will amaze your family and friends.

A demonstration how to decorate an 8 inch round cake including creating a border, two-tone roses with buds, and leaves. Tricks to remove decorations from you…

The coupler is used with a collar tip to hold a decorator tip. Cookie cutters are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types to make uniquely shaped cookies. Textured rolling pins and mats are a must-have cake decorating equipment, as they can be used to easily add textural interest to fondant and enhance the visual appeal of your baking creations. Last but not the least, your cake decorating equipment should also contain a turntable. Turntables are used for easily rotating the cake while decorating them.

To keep your children happy you can try these basic cake decorating ideas to make nice, delicious and lovely looking cakes at home. Before starting you need to have some things handy as cake decorating is a messy job. You’re going to need an apron, towels, bowls where you can put scraped frostings, toothpicks, parchment paper (to put under the cake base while frosting).

Other cake decorating tools that you should consider buying include non-stick parchment paper and baking strips. To give your cake that professional touch, you should also have a cake leveler to make sure that your cake is perfectly level before you add the decorations.

In our current society, cakes are a cherished means to observe almost any occasion. Cake decorating ideas can be seen just about anyplace, if you know where to look Still, it is not always easy to know how to decorate a cake. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of cake pans and items that will assist with making decorating them easy.

– Holiday Themes: I remember when bunny cakes became popular at Easter, Wilton has pans and decorating supplies for all holiday cake decorating designs. A heart on Valentine’s day, or a 4 leaf clover on St. Patrick’s day is a wonderful way to say happy holidays.

When you are cake decorating with marzipan there are several things which you will must maintain in mind. Very first you need to make sure that people who are to get the cake are not allergic to nuts. Many people usually do not consider nut allergy symptoms when functioning with marzipan as the consistency and texture bears small resemblance to almond paste. If youre unsure of whether or not or not you have to avoid nut allergic reactions it is greatest to err around the aspect of caution and use one thing other than marzipan.

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