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Learn to Cook: How to Prepare Cake Pans

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Types of Baking Pans – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I am Lori Parrett with Cakewalk Chicago. Cakewalk Chicago offers classes on supplies for bakers, cake decorators and candy makers. One of the staples of any good baker or pastry chef is a delicious cake. So some of the tools that you are going to need include really good quality baking pans, so when I have the choice, I like to use a heavy gauge and a dized aluminum pan.

The reason I enjoy these is because they tend not to scratch, they release beautifully and they tend not to over darken cakes. And because of the weight of them, I am able to make sure that my cakes bake completely and evenly. These aluminum pans also come in a variety of shapes as well which really lends some nice designs for the average baker, and you can make lots of good stuff with them.

The only time that I tend to use a pan that is not a heavyweight is if I need a specialty shape pan. These tend to be a little bit lighter weight but they allow the baker to create some really great things without having to be a intricate baker. And you can also use plastic pans. The plastic pans are fantastic because they do go into the oven up to 375. You use them just as you would a regular pan, but you can also get some really great shapes at a fraction of the cost of some of the shaped pans or some of the heavy gauge aluminum pans.

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Hi, I’m Katie, and today I’m going to show you how to decorate a chocolate cake. So here I have two layers of a really beautiful, you can see how rich this chocolate cake is. It’s like heaven in a cake. But I have two, eight or nine inch layers. You can use any size you like. And what I’m frosting it with is what’s called a ganache. A ganache is a little bit of heavy cream. You bring it to a boil and you pour it over your dark chocolate chips or milk chocolate chips and just whisk it together until the chocolate melts. What I’ve done is you can see it’s slightly thickened because you can either let it sit out at room temperature or you can refrigerate it for about half an hour until it’s nice and spreadable.

And I’m ready to frost my cake. So I’m going to take a big dollop of my ganache right in the middle. And this is a very kind of homespun chocolate cake. But if you want to go even more decadent, you could take this same ganache and use it while it’s warm, and just glaze the surface of your cake instead of swirling it like we’re going to do. You can see, just with my large offset spatula, I’m just pushing all of the frosting to the edge of the cake just making sure I have a good layer. And now I’m going to top it with my second layer. So yummy. Delicious.

So the rest of my ganache right on top. Oh, my goodness. I think I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone in the universe. I’m pretty sure. Then all I’m going to do is slowly let the chocolate just kind of seep down the sides of the cake, and it’s just going to relax itself out. And you can see already I’m getting those beautiful swirls. So pretty. Just swirl it all over, and if you need to add more, you can definitely add more. But now, all I’m going to do is angle my spatula and just push the ganache down the sides of the cake, go all the way around so it’s all covered.

And another great thing. If you’ve ever had a Brooklyn blackout cake, they take the leftover crumbs. So if you have a little extra chocolate cake batter, you can bake it in a separate pan, take the crumbs, and just push the crumbs all along the surface of the outside. It’s a really nice look. But all I’m going to do is, staying with my offset spatula, or you can use a spoon, just create big swirls all along the sides and the edges. You can see how… I know it may not be the fanciest cake in the world, but it’s definitely probably one of the most delicious.

So that is it. Just clean up your edges with a wet paper towel. And that’s how you quickly and easily decorate a gorgeous chocolate cake.
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Jeffrey Hamelman demonstrates how to decorate a chocolate ganache cake.


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