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How to Assemble a Baseball Cap Cake | Birthday Cakes

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Learn how to make a baseball cap cake for a kids’ birthday party from Essential Cakes’ Etwin Gordon in this Howcast video, part 1 of a 6-part series.

So today we’re going to be making a baseball cap cake. And for that you can use just about any size cake that you like. For this I’m going to use a 7 inch cake and were going to use 3 layers. So I’m gonna set it on my board and just to make sure that the cake is even were going to use a serrated knife. And then were going to give it a little icing. That’s going to hold the layers together. And then were going to add our second layer. And were going to push it down just a little bit so it holds. And were going to cut the second layer. And we’ll add some more icing to this as well. And then we’ll add our final layer, push it down just a little bit and we’ll cut this as well just to even it out on the top. Alright and now that that’s done were going to give it just a crumb coat and what this does is it’ll help seal the cake and it’ll also help when you give it its final icing on the top. We don’t have to worry that this isn’t so neat, because when we do our baseball cap we’re going to carve it out a little bit just to give it a round shape. And this is going to hold our cake and were going to set this in the refrigerator for maybe about half an hour or 45 minutes or so, so that it can set and we will carve out our baseball cap.

Baseball Hat Cake (How To)


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Cake arts art one of the most fun thing to do. The decorations of the cake should be edible and stylish. Cakes are mostly decorated by fondant icing for much better and more attractive designs. Others use ordinary icing for them to be easier to apply on the cake.

Cake is one of the most important things when there is a celebration and also it could be use as a present. Everyone loves cake and there are many types of cakes these days like, chocolate mousse, black forest, fondant covered cake, foam cake, sponge cake, angel cakes, butter cake, apple cake, tarts, bundt cake, cheesecake,  chiffon cake, cupcakes, Dobos cake, fruitcake, gingerbread, marble cake, moon cake, muffins, pound cake, sun cake, meringue cake, tiramisu, welsh cake, Battenberg cake, and etc.

There are lot of ways to decorate a cake it is either to put some figurines or put some on some candies and sugar crafts, fruits and chocolates. Others use some designed cake tins to make the cake more detailed.

Cake designing is also a bonding moment with kids because many children would want to design their own cake it is not only for kids but also to you love ones as you share each of your ideas on how to make it look perfect just like your relationship.

In cake decorating these are the most basic things that is necessary:

Icing – the most basic decoration on a cake most of the cake are decorated by icing.

Candies – if you want to make it more colorful and mouthwatering adding some candies are most suggested

Candles – Many people likes blowing candles on cakes.

Decorating a cake is simple, just let your imagination flow on what and how you would like to show to your love ones and impress them, because everything is the best when people knows that you have put on some efforts on it.

Giving cakes for present is on way to show your affection to someone and it is more sweeter than any other gifts that anyone could give.

You can add more delicious and beautiful decorations to your cake. Bright jimmies, sparkly glitter flakes, luster sugar pearls, gorgeous royal icing decorations, beautiful gum paste flowers and sprays, edible designer prints and a wide range of sprinkles, sanding sugars and crystal because they want  to carry a wide range of delicious and beautiful decorations to take your cakes, cupcakes and cookies to a new level. 

Tony Rufa is an expert in Cake Art. Visit for more delicious decorations.

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