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cake decorating

This time, I’d chosen to frost with chocolate fudge icing and top it off with my own sketch of a lamb in the centre, which was meant to resemble the cuddly toy my son sleeps with at night, ringed with 5 candles.I figured if I held my natural cake decorating flamboyance in check, the cake would come out okay.And it did.Until I attempted to transfer my creation from the kitchen counter to the fancy plate I’d prepared, lost my balance and dropped it.The result resembled the aftermath of an earthquake, including fires and distraught wildlife.My wife commented on the ‘natural disaster theme’ that ran through my cake decorating repertoire, which was funny, I guess. At least they both had a good laugh.

Cake decorating is one of the sugar arts that uses icing or frosting and other edible decorative elements to make plain cakes more visually interesting. Alternatively, cakes can be molded and sculpted to resemble three-dimensional persons, places and things.

As part of your main plan for success, call up or get on the net with your Town or City, and mention that you’re looking into running a cake and cupcake decorating small business. Explain if you are planning to utilize your kitchen, or if you’re planning on renting cooking space. Find out just what exactly you should do, along with exactly what legal requirements you need to comply with.


cake decorating

The perk of taking online cake decorating lessons is that you are able to repeat the lessons over and over until you get it right. You can practice as much as you want and need. This will save you from being embarrassed as many people are in a class situation when they do not understand something.

Cake decorating instructor Liz Larson demonstrates how to ice a 1/2 sheet cake with commercial techniques and tools. Liz Larson, Jacobson68, the art of frost…

If you are just a beginner in cake decorating, you might want to choose a design that is simple and not very detailed so that you will have a good chance for it to turn out well. Being ambitious and goal-oriented is good in some sense but when it comes to decorating a cake; choose themes and designs that will actually suit your level of abilities.

Just before youll be able to start with cake decorating you have to program your cake upfront. Knowing the shape and dimensions of the cake just before you obtain the materials to create your icing is essential. The dimensions with the cake determines what you are able to do when decorating it. The greater the cake the a lot more space youve got to play with cake decorating. If you are uncertain of what design you need to do its advised that you simply draw out a basic pattern previous to baking your cake. This is because you will want to have the ability to begin cake decorating as soon as the cake has cooled enough to apply the icing without having it melting.

Cake Decorating is the art of using icing, sugar and other edible decorations to make your cake decorating ideas come into action and turn a common cake into an elegant masterpiece.

Cake boards are quite cheap to pick up from cake decorating shops. Or you can cover a large piece of cardboard (cut from a box) with coloured foil.

How much time you have: What is your schedule~daily schedule Are you currently working on a full time job and would like to take up cake decorating on a part ti …

Cake decorating classes in Los Angeles are a grand way to get ready for the holidays. Bring in a friend or a relative and enjoy some bonding time. It9;s also a perfect way to relax within the busy schedule of shopping, arranging and socializing. Spend some time at your own cake decorating classes in Los Angeles and unleash your creative holiday side.

Wilton 2104-2546 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set

Wilton 2104-2546 53 Piece Supreme Cake Decorating Set

Wilton Supreme decorating set. Decorate many advanced wedding, floral and basketweave cakes as well as basic. Includes metal decorating tips #2,3,5,7,12,16,18,21,32,47,65,67,101, 103, 104, 129, 225 and 352. 24 disposable decorating bags, two tip couplers, 5 icing colors, 1 flower nail, 8

  • Complete tool set for frosting and decorating cakes
  • 53-piece set includes tips, icing bags, metal flower nail, and two tip couplers
  • Storage tray and 8-inch angled spatula included
  • 36-page instruction booklet illustrates icing techniques and designs for 15 cakes
  • Clean metal tips with warm water and soap, dry with cloth

List Price: $ 32.99

Current Price: $ 29.99

cake decorating

Whether you are just starting or are an old hand
in the business, cake decorating courses are a wonderful way of expanding your
professional reach. You can be selling
directly to your target market and increasing your profits, all the while doing
what you love.

instructions certainly aren’t enough when it comes to cake decorating classes,
so when you set up in your kitchen, you will place your laptop on the counter
and follow the easy video instructions.
If anything distracts you, or you need to take a break, then all you
need to do is press pause. This is a
great option for people who are constantly being distracted, such as those with
young children or busy households.

How do you describe your dream cake to your decorator when you don’t know the lingo? Read on for an overview of commonly used wedding cake decorating techniques and embellishments. Knowing what’s out there can help you to choose your ideal design when you sit down with your wedding specialty baker and decorator.


cake decorating

Baking and Cake Art Academy is an online school where you can discover nearly anything regarding baking, decorating and cake art. These online cake decorating videos have something to offer whether you are a beginner who9;s never baked anything that wasn9;t from a box or a professional baker with your very own specialty cake business, or even a skill set that is anywhere in between! If you are a beginner, don9;t be deterred by the fear of technical terminology and techniques that you can9;t understand. The instructor has created every single cake decorating video to be enjoyed by anyone ages 7 and up. Plus, the classes are just $.99!

Cake decorating instructor,Liz, demonstrates a Hibiscus cake tutorial.. Piped on icing techniques. 25 year Commercial Cake …

Here is a recipe for a classic buttercream frosting for cake decorating.  The only real difference between this frosting, which i am calling a buttercream for cake decorating, and a regular classic buttercream, is, for this recipe, I am using half the butter and replacing it with shortening. This adds a little more stability to the frosting, it will give you more time before the frosting gets runny from heat, and it also keeps the frosting from hardening too much. Also after the cake is done, if it is in the heat, the shortening will help the frosting from sliding or getting overly shiny.  You can use a classic buttercream, but you may find yourself putting it in the refridgerator often to stiffen it up, while you are decorating your cake.  Or worse, you may find the frosting sliding right off the cake if it is too hot.

Sugar paste is a substance used in cake decorating to create flower decorations. Marzipan is often used for modeling cake decorations and as a base covering underneath fondant.

Cake baker and lovers around the globe tend to present their personalities and style incorporated in their masterpiece, in their work of art, in their cakes. This is due to the fact that people who attend parties or even simply those people who look at your work of art stereotype and judge it on its actual appearance. Thus, for cakes to be perceived as tasty and delicious, a well refined and exquisite design of the cake should be well done and pleasing in the eyes of many. With this enters you savor from drastic and frustrating uninviting cakes: the perfect cake decorating equipment.

Then, remove your brownie pans from the oven and let them cool.  When they are completely cool, cut the brownies into large square pieces and distribute them to your cake decorating party guests.

Finding that perfect cake decorating course is really not hard, but you need to take all factors into consideration. As an example, if you take classes onsite somewhere, you will be taking time away from home that may cause scheduling conflicts.

cake decorating

Cake decorating supplies come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and include glitters, diamante, glazes, toppers, ready-made figurines, sugary flowers and all the traditional symbols for wedding, anniversary, birthday and other celebration cakes. A fabulous selection of cake decorating supplies online can be found at
Cake Decorating Solutions, along with advice on custom-decorating your cakes and an efficient delivery service across Australia.

Although going to culinary school and practicing cake decorating for years should defiantly have you at the top of your game for cake decorating, it’s not really a requirement for the beginner. Just by knowing a few simple tips and tricks you can start making cakes that will amaze your family and friends.

You can also do poured fondant, which will give you a flat and semi-hard surface that allows you to do any cake decorating. You’ll also see that poured fondant gives the icing a shiny surface.


cake decorating

Although going to culinary school and practicing cake decorating for years should defiantly have you at the top of your game for cake decorating, its not really a requirement for the beginner. Just by knowing a few simple tips and tricks you can start making cakes that will amaze your family and friends.

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Plus, if you are thinking about starting a cake decorating business you can practice as much as you want and refer back to your materials when you need to for your business. You can become an expert from your own home!

For crafting cakes that can tantalize even before you’ve had your first bite, you will need cake decorating equipment like cookie cutters that are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types to make uniquely shaped cookies. Textured rolling pins and mats are essential cake decorating equipment as they can be used to easily add textural interest to fondant and enhance the visual appeal of your sugarcraft. Last but not the least, your cake decorating equipment should also contain a turntable. Turntables are used for easily rotating the cake while decorating them. You can also find tilting turntables which not only rotate but also tilt to allow easier access for doing intricate cake decorations.

Making a birthday cake doesn’t have to be hard. It is fantastic to learn how to bake a cake for family and friends. It is so much cheaper than buying a cake at a grocery store, and usually better tasting. I never baked and decorated a cake before until my daughter’s 1st birthday. After I found out the cost to make a two tier cake, I decided that cake decorating is something I needed to learn. I was quoted over $200 for a cake with more than one layer with buttercream, not even fondant. Some places wouldn’t call me back when they found out I wanted just buttercream. Thanks to my experiences, I taught myself.

Finding that perfect cake decorating course is really not hard, but you need to take all factors into consideration. As an example, if you take classes onsite somewhere, you will be taking time away from home that may cause scheduling conflicts.

For most of us, the best and easiest way to start is to buy our own cake decorating kit already done for us. Wilton has a lot of products that are perfect for beginners through to expert. Most pastry chefs, including myself prefer Wilton products more than any other product. Wilton has a quality product that is unmatched by any other company. There are many reasons why you should buy a kit. Here are five reasons

These classes are cheaper-because you aren’t
required to compensate the school for your materials, these cake decorating
classes are relatively cheap. Plus, you
won’t have to waste money on gas, driving back and forth!

Norpro 8 Piece Cake Decorating Set

Norpro 8 Piece Cake Decorating Set

Easily add beautiful decorations to cakes and pastries, even hors d’oeuvres, with this cake decorating set. Set includes six different metal decorating tips that provide fun, creative decorating options and are easy to add and remove.

  • Set includes 6 tips, 1 pastry bag and 1 coupling
  • 8 piece dessert decorating set for creating beautiful cakes, pastries, and more
  • Reusable pastry bag and plastic coupler
  • Great for beginner and experienced decorators alike; includes recipes and instructions
  • Hand washing recommended

List Price: $ 6.79

Current Price: $ 5.24


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